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Are you a Buyer or Seller?

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Are you a Buyer or Seller?

As I'm reviewing my trades and struggling to complete Silver 1, I've realized that 88% of my trades are Sell orders, and only 12% are Buys. I guess it doesn't matter as long as they win, but I'm wondering if this is typical for new traders. Does it even out over time, or is it usually "once a seller, always a seller"?

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 10:46am
Shannon J

Great topic, I think I'm a seller I have to analyze my trades in order to see but I believe that I like to sell and maybe the market just seems more of a seller Market than it does a buyer Market... just my take on it.


Here's something to consider, too. All things being equal, if the pair, or pairs that you're trading are in a downtrend, most of your trades might be sells even if you're trading a shorter time frame than daily charts. The attached image shows an example. It's EUR/USD for 2018. I marked 04/19 - 05/29. If the trades you were analyzing, were this pair during this time period, the majority would probably be shorts.

Happy Trading :)


When you're an analytical-methodical trader and you follow your strategy by the book, and it suffers 8 out of 8 losses in a row, you know there's something fundamentally wrong with the strategy. I have a policy if the strategy let me hit more T/P's than S/L's and T/P value > S/L value, then I will keep the strategy. Otherwise I trash it. I have no mercy with this.

No exception here... time to dump it.



There was analysis done by a particular stock market analyst (a very long time ago) that said sells typically take less distance on the time axis and more distance on the price axis (for the same time period). Buys take more distance on the time axis and less on the price axis (for the same time period). The contrast magnitude was something like 1.5 to 2.5.

Of course some assets are not following this rule such as bitcoin!


I have no bias for buys or sells.


Interesting topic. not that it matters much to me. I buy and sell depending on if the market triggers my signal set-up. Much like using momentum off Apiary's Break-out strategy. If the break-out is bullish then it triggers the buy stop orders.

SO, perhaps another question here should also include which order type seems to launch profitable trades more often?

Market orders are a sure way to enter immediately, while pending orders rely on technical analysis for high probability trading.

Stop orders rely on trending markets with medium to strong momentum for higher probability.


Order types are a tool, and that question is a loaded one. All order types exploit momentum albeit in slightly different ways.

Norma Jenner

Library you know the probability of having 8 losses in a row? out of 1000 trades? what if the bad string hit right from the beginning? How many test trades do you require in order to have confidence in your strategy? It has to be more than 30 to have any significance.