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Asian session

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Asian session

does anyone have trouble trading Asian session as far as a huge lag when trying to open trades? I place trades but they remain unfilled for long periods same for closing trades as well.

Mon, 09/16/2019 - 8:23pm
Doug H

Yes, it's true the lag time in placing and closing orders is longer most of the time. BTW, I trade the Asian session everyday. Sometimes you do get bad fills and closes


Thanks Doug,I trade Asian daily just wondered if it was only on my end


I have the same problem .


Lack of liquidity.

Brian Unknown

I have noticed the processing times to take longer in the Asia session. Something to be mindful of when scalping.


10min and counting for my orders to close during Asian session. Shawn trades Asian session often,is he having this problem? This has nothing to due with low liquidity because my own account with does not hang up. Help


Guess I will just trade U.S


Hi, i mainly trade the New York session. Been stuck in this 5 profitable days, 5 trades for months. Account down to £9,351 since starting silver.