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Automated back-test program

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Automated back-test program

I have found that to do back-tests for strategies is quite time consumed. Since the back-test involved a lot of repetition for different time frames, time periods, situations, and stategies, it is good to have an automated testing proram to do it to save time. Does anybody know such programs available or some one is willing to write a program to do it?


Sat, 10/27/2018 - 8:53pm

If you have MT4 there is many ways to do this without writing any scripts or programming. You can download that trading platform for free many places, and have access to a demo account to trade also, all for free. On Apiary using the Alveo platform there likely are some things to help you but you'll have to check the other sections of the forums (Alveo/software development threads, for example)

That being said, I've discovered from some poking around that back-testing is not always helpful, and just for me personally isn't worth the time spent to do it for the following reason: past results are in no way an indicator of future success as the market is 'evolving'. If you have a nice, back-tested strategy or EA it will be forward-tested into the ground, as many will attest to.

Which is why Apiary exists, crowd-sourcing our individual abilities and temperaments for more consistent results than any automated system or any one individual could achieve on their (its) own.