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Average Win Greater than Average Loss

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Average Win Greater than Average Loss

This has been a struggle with me since the very beginning, but I made a HUGE breakthrough today! I started trading the T-Line strategy a little while ago and it has improved my entries considerably, but I brought some bad habits along too unfortunately. I changed just one thing today and it opened up a whole new world for me.

Instead of moving my stop to BE or a slight win to cover commissions and spread, I moved it to a tiny loss (like less than a pip). Out of 15 trades taken today, I lost 12 and won 3. Sounds bad, right? Well at the end of the day I'm sitting on a profit! Using this one small adjustment, 1 win can negate 15 +/- losses. I also will not take a win below my minimum target hence all the losses. I could have taken small wins on almost every single trade, but it did not hit my minimum, so I took a tiny loss instead.

My next focus is to only take trades that have a high probability of hitting my minimum in order to get my expectancy up and more wins than losses. I blindly took every setup that presented itself today just to get a good test. I fully expected and prepared myself for a losing day, but it turned out profitable anyway!

Just thought I'd share. Hopefully this can save someone else some time.

Mon, 02/18/2019 - 8:54pm
Nick Sammy

Hi boss_hog
It sounds like the right plan to me. When I was at the Gold boot camp I was doing the same and I messed up getting a 0.00 profit and overcoming the average became more challenging. After my interview on day 1 I woke up the next morning facing a negative 2% loss going into the trading day. I wrote down the number of pips I lost on each trade and it was like a total of 10 trades with 10 to 15 pip loss on each. So I now know I need 10 winning trades of 11 to 16 pips each. Yea, right. And me down to 569.00 on a 1K account and only allowed to make 11 trades at any one time. How was I gonna accomplish that in the next eight hours, I asked myself. I need something with some really good volatility. I chose the GBPUSD. As soon as the 3 bars on the M5 chart formed I used the next 5 minutes to slowly scaled in with 35 pip stop loss and Targets of 1 pip higher than my overnight trades. Then VOILA! everything finally was going my way. I went from starting out with 2% loss to 2% gain. Next I put in a few trades using 10 pip targets and one pip Stop losses. I tried to change my stop losses to a halph pip each. As soon as all my trades had completed I checked my stats. They were positive and I went right to my prefund manager and showed them off to her. Even though my account size was down to $600 it was still showing a small (really small) profit over 30 days. And my trading expectations were a measly 0.01 but still finally positive.
With an hour after, I was funded. What a feeling.

If I can do it so can you.
Keep it up
I know you can do

Good Luck


Hi Boss,
Thanks for sharing your experience with the T-line trade. I don't know if you've seen any Stephan Bigalow YouTube videos.
He's a well known price action specialist, he uses candlestick reading and the T-line cross as the entry trigger for his trades.
If you haven't seen any of his videos they're worth watching.
Thanks for sharing..


Yes! Stephen Bigalow is where I picked up the T-line in the first place. I'm not using it as strategy per se anymore, but it is still great for solid entries.