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Azure VMs

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Azure VMs

I am experienced at setting up Microsoft Azure VMs for use as an Alveo VPS system.
You can also use them for running OANDA MT4 as well.


If anyone is interested, please let me know.

Sat, 06/23/2018 - 11:15am

Gold III


@dbaechtel, way to go Don Congrats, happy for you, welcome to the funded family.


Not sure what a VM is..? Do you create EA's for Alveo and if so what do you charge? Please message me if so:)

Thank you.


So how does this work? I do most of my work on a Mac, but I don't want to bloat it up with something like Parallels or have to switch back and forth. Was hoping I could find a cloud-based solution, if that makes sense.


Web server solution under development, you could also use a VPN or VPS.


Azure Virtual Machines (VM) are computers in the Cloud managed by Microsoft.

The VMs can run one of several operating systems including Ubuntu, Linux, Windows 10 or Windows Server.

If you run Windows 10 on the VM, you can run Alveo and OANDA MT4 simultaneously.

Using Window Microsoft's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), you can connect to the VM Desktop and interact with the VM and the applications as if they were local on your PC. RDP is a version of a VPN.

There are versions of the RDP that run on the Mac available from the Apple Store.

So on your Mac, you can use RDP to easily connect to and operate your VM in the Cloud running Alveo and/or MT4.

Additionally, Microsoft is making the Azure accounts free for the first year and at a cost of about $30/month thereafter if you ran it 24 hours a day. :)


Excellent info Don. Thank you


mary.sonadora and others,

Are you interested in a Windows Azure VM that would allow you to operate Windows applications like Alveo and OANDA MT4 from your Mac? This could be very handy for many things. :)

The VM could run 24 hours/day if you wish. free for the 1st year and less than $1/day thereafter.
You only pay for the resource and CPU time that you actually use.

It is very reliable and maintained by Microsoft.
It is the same Cloud servers that they use for their own Internet services, like Office 365.

The only addition to your Mac is the RDP application from the Apple store to remote the VM Desktop.

You can use an Azure VM for Forex trading, hosting websites, Cloud-based applications, databases and much more.

I can help if you need it.


So glad you offered.
Please contact me. Don, I need help.


Useful Don