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Be Great!!!!

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Be Great!!!!

Not long ago a new Bee posted a thread asking for "strategies that really work". He indicated that he was having a tough time with finding a strategy that worked.

I reached out to him and after discussing a few things such as his prefered style of trading, prefered time frames as well as when he was actuall available to trade, I provided him a simple strategy that I utilize. I checked back with after a week and he told me that the system just didn't work. moreover, he insisted that he had "followed the rules to a T" (his words not mine). using the strategy during that same week, I had 9 profitable trades, 3 loses and a breakeven. As part of my trading procedure, I take screenshots, at the time of entry and after the day is complete. 

In reviewing the trades with him, he had 37 trades compared to my 13. the difference of 24 trades was made up of situations where he "jumped the gun" entering wanting to get the best price. Unfortunatly, those "trades" were not properly triggered. 7 other trades he entered for reasons he did not remember ( and I could not figure out). there were 6 trades we had in common. 2 of which we both lost, the other 4 although  had profitable, this young trader, took loses on 3 because he did not want to use the rquired stop and the last which took heat he closed when it got to breakeven.

Unfortunatly, this trader has left the Hive...but it brings me to my point. The only way to be consistently good trader is to trade in a consistent manner. We all hear and have heard about how a mechanical rule based system is crucial but are you prepared to put your ego aside and follow simple rules?

There are plenty of great strategies one can employ but so many of us want to "reinvent" the wheel" why?

To become succesful at trading, one must only learn to check their ego at the door learn a simple system, continually work to improve, and strive to be Great!

Stay Green my Friends :)



Mon, 04/30/2018 - 3:07pm

Excellent topic Allen,

I read as many of your posts as I come across them and you are always positive and
full of good quality useful information, and for that I thank you!

With people like you in the forums I don't think I would have gotten this far.

My struggles with trading are the darn head games, and you attack that problem head-on.

Thanks again.

Jerry P.



You make a couple of interesting points. When I first started trading, I would get scared, nervous, impatient, and half a dozen other things ;) while I stared at the chart watching (holding my breath) with every pip. My solution was to trade on higher time frames.

When I first started trading I really didn't believe in "wasting my time" recording past trades. It was easier to convince myself it was someone else fault if the trade when bad. Now I record and review all my trades.

Early on, when I would try a strategy I bounced around way too much. 2-3 trades using one, they 2-3 doing something else. It took time for me to really understand the process of trading. As I began to understand the process the rules began to make more sense and easier to follow.

Ultimately, I had to find my own way and style of trading and I think that is true for most of us. We can find a strategy that makes sense and trade it, but to become truly successful we need to make the strategy our own.

I have my own strategy now that I trade and I have shown/explain it to a number of folks in the hive. What I find interesting is that none of them trade it exactly the way I do. They each make modifications and tweak to become successful. Some of these I have even incorporated into my strategy.

Which brings me to my last point. Continuous improvement. My strategy exiting Gold II was my minimum viable product. Over the past few months and continuing on for years into the future, I will always be working to improve my trading.



Hey Jerry, Thank you and I am there with you. imho, the emotional side of trading is the hardest thing to overcome. That said, I have come to learn and accept that "Good" trades are determined by following your methodology, not by the outcome...

Greg, I could have made the exact same post. just to address some of your points:

1) I have come to embrace back testing and reviewing my trades religiously and in this day and age of automation, I have found it best, for me at least, to go back to 2am est (when I start trading and scroll forward bar by bar looking for my set-ups, my entries and my exits and compare that to my execution. In fact, I spend more time reviewing and planing my trades than I actually spend trading. While this method is not for everybody and it is time consuming, I don't care, it works for me and when I execute my trades perfectly, that is the primary reason :)

2) "Constantly changing systems" is a common disease traders are afflicted with (myself included) and it is not until one stops and gives a methodology an opportunity to live up to it's statistical success, will a trader find success.

3) I agree we all must "own" our trading methodology in order to have confidence in it. However, imho, it behooves a trader to simplify a methodology not complicate it. this allows for clearer decision making.

4) I love your last point!!! Continue to improve, strive to make yourself a better trader, then once you've done that, work to get even better. Make your best, better and your better, Great



Thank you Allen Jerry and Greg
All great posts, one main reason why I check the forums is to read posts like them
I agree with all the ideas and I would like to say that imho that experience is another key aspect of successful trading. No one I know rode a bike perfectly the 1st time they tried or was able to cook without messing something up. What Im trying to say is some things require time to become proficient in it. Time placing trades, studying price action, reviewing what works when and what doesn't Of course there are naturals that were good from trade 1 but Im sure that the exception not the rule. If someone doesn't work hard towards a goal they either don't want it badly enough of they wont treat it with the degree value it deserves
I wish all of you and the hard working bees of the hive the best



thanks for sharing


Anyone wonder why they call AllenG Mr. Green.
Am attaching an image of Mr. Green every 20th.
Your one of the best Allen!

Monoply Money.jpg


you are absolutely correct, what I have talked about comes from my experience and believe me I have crashed many bikes and ruined many meals learning to trade.

However, I know of no trader who were good from trade 1 and I can explain why. Because every time you think you know more than this market it will punch you square in the face and if you argue with it (moving your stop or doubling down) the Market will kick you into submission. Unfortunately, that lesson can not be taught or a person have innate ability about it. It is only with experience that you learn to keep your stop in place and try to out smart the market :)

Ed, You crack me up.

Stay green my Friends :)



Allen I am happy to give you a chuckle, but your statement sounds like it comes from the school of hard knocks which I'm discovering I haven't quite graduated yet.... my powder is dry, my pips are green but I wish I were sailing...)))


C'mon Ed, I think you are going to have to change your call sign soon as you are no longer a Rookie :)


Ok maybe rookie stage two but certainly not level three I have one evil companion I have yet to put aside. When it is aside I'll change it....


Thanks you for sharing all your great wisdom, i like positive people who are willing do go the extra mile to reach success.

All great post and a excellent read all you guts are amazing.

Keep up the excellent work and be profitable (pat your self on the back now and then).

I want to be great like you guys


All Good Sam and if you there is anything I can help you with should me a message :)


Yesterday, today and tomorrow, I am redoing my top down analysis. Twice this week as I was doing my daily prep, I had pairs that I really had no Idea of what they were doing and, while I bypassed them as potential trading pairs, that is unacceptable.

I want to look at a pair and say it's either a Buy, Sell or Wait for clarity.

working my craft...Striving to be Great!!!



Allen, I think you made great! now it beyond to immortal..:)



thank you but I need to stay humble and keep grinding :)


Part of being a Great is having any account management plan. With Apiary, imho, traders want to always ensure they book a profitable month and work towards BFV increases.

That said, tomorrow is the last day of the Apiary period. So if your account is comfortably above the BFV, trade as usual.

If you are above your BFV but an unsuccessful trade could put you below it. Take the day off. Book the profitable month.

If you are below your BFV but within striking distance. Determine what you need to get there and adjust your position size accordingly. This is the only circumstance I would suggest trading a larger than usual size. Reason being, if you are successful you get the profitable month. If your not, you have a whole month to make up the loss.

stay Green my Friends :)



Allen, you are the greatest and see I took your advice and change my moniker... However, I did not take your advice about this coming 20th. Had I traded last week I could have more than made up my % of loss but that would not be sticking to my suspension plane. I did start trading again today in my scalping account and am doing ok.

So I have created four accounts plus my funded account for trading. Scalping, news, swing, and long-term so I can better track my results per methodology deployed. I'll post more about y correction/changes in my regular thread.


Yeah Ed, I shot you a msg about the moniker, Nice :)

keep me in the loop with your various methods and let me know how I can help



Hey Allen,

It's great to have positive guidance from the pathfinders within the hive (you guys and gals know who you are).

When I find the time I try and catch some of the bantor, but only look for input that adds value. With so much content and trying to find my way, it's overwhelming. Better to have, than have not.

I know it'll come into focus just like those optical pictures that have a clearer image inside them. Looking forward to it.

Curious, was the strategy you introduced to the trader in the above comments your Solid Gold strategy? You may have many (?). I came across this one and printed it off for study at a later time. I'm still trying grasp one strategy and nail it to the wall. Right now it's like throwing darts...

:) Joe


Hey Joe;

IMHO, if your not positive in trading you are doomed. Moreover this is a skill that can be learned and applied.

and Yes, it was my Solid Gold strategy which is "Solid" and simple. in fact, my son uses it. I personally have evolved and use more multiple time frame analysis. Take a look at the below attachment.

Let me know how I can help

Stay Green, and Great, my friends :)


Unfortunately, I can't load the whole document because of the file size

The Gold Method 2.docx 936.29 KB

Allen, Great stuff, thanks for sharing this. just maybe my LT light bulb will go off with some practice of this logically simple methodology.


I find it ironic in a way, that except for one trader on these comments, the rest are in Gold status. Maybe get this post emailed out to all the new traders to learn something from one of the greats, and to stay focused. Thanks for sharing Allen, and thanks @Rookie for putting a link to this thread in one of your other posts. Amazing and timely wisdom.


I do what i can Ed, let me know if you have any questions or how I can help :)



Andrew, like Allen, said!


Andrew, thanks for the kind words


What to do during the Holidays...With the Holidays upon us (Thanksgiving being tomorrow :) )

There will be reduced volatility, especially the last 2 week in December. A decent amount of traders I know use their demo accounts and continue to trade. However, since it is a time of unusual conditions, I don't think trading in a demo is accurate.

IMHO, I think your time may be better spent reviewing your trades in depth, Moreover, I would suggest going back on your charts and scrolling forward looking for your set-ups, triggers and document your results. You can then compare those results to your actual ones.

Trading is about perpetual learning and past mistakes are the best professors. if you have learned from your, and we all make them, then your new results should be better and you can use that as a springboard into the new year

Stay Green my Friends :)



Yeah, sucks to be trying to make it through to funded as we run into this time!

Your suggestion is best I think for real money traders, take the time and review. Even if one is down I don't think pressing into poor times will help, if anything if will have the opposite effect. A break and a review if probably best.

If I can recover from being a major c*nt on Monday and get to G3 in next week or two (should be end of next week but don't know if I can recover in time) I will be doing G3 right into the Dec period.

IRL I think if I was in funded I would do same as you, and not trade from the 17th Dec to the 2nd Jan (I wont be trading my personal account after the 17th), we all need a break and why press when its likely to be thin liquidity.

Given I am still in beeline and I don't look for big swings, I think I will press on right up to the 21st depending, to try keep up with beeline volume requirement.


Thx Allen I have been looking and working towards something similar, will study it and let you know how it goes.



I understand trying to press on and complete G2 but be careful as you may get unexpected behavior including random spikes. All the best though.

good for you Jan, I look forward to hearing from you

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody :)



Thx AllenG for the advice and have a good Thanksgiving.



Alot of traders have issues controlling their emotions and I fully understand that as I was once there...

what I have found to be very helpful, is to think about what your trade is likely to do After you are in it.

Obviously, you need a strategy that essentially tells you when to get in and get out of the market. But very rarely do traders forecast what the market will do once they are in it. Certainly, we all think the market should make a beeline (pun intended) for our profit target but most of the time it doesn't. :(

if you understand the market likes to move in waves, this will help with your emotions. We all know the definitions. uptrend = higher highs and higher lows, so if you take a long position, expect the market to move up and then down, anticipate the higher highs and higher lows and don't get shaken out or emotionally compromised by the market pulling back to form a "higher low".

The market likes to form double bottoms/tops. so if you enter a trade off of a support or resistance level, expect it to re-test that level and if yo do, you will not become emotionally compromised because you expected it.

Hope that helps,

Stay Green my Friends :)


Tradeview id = AGold54


Do you want to make Money or place trades?

I have been working with a trader who wants to catch every pip of every move and although I understand the desire, it can become counter-productive.

If i asked you if you could be make 10-12% per week but could only take 2 trades, would you do it?

Most, if not all, of us grew up and had instilled in us, that the harder and longer we work, the better. However, that is not necessarily true in trading. How many of us have had profitable days turn into losses because we felt the need to keep trading?

If any of you are up for it, review your trades this past week and see if you only took the high probability trades with good RRR (3-1 or better), would your results have improved?

I look forward to hearing from the Hive :)



thx, Mr. Green Genes.


Lol....Is that a yes Ed?


Allen, I have been struggling since the first of June in gold II (many thoughts of giving up). I have a system that gives me 20 - 25 pips a day almost every day (4 out of 5). I would keep trading because I kept reading about the 150 - 300 pip success by other traders. I finally read about the "Ham" contest and Shawn saying he did not care if you made your $10. on 1 trade or 100 trades or on 1 pip or 100 pips. So I rethought my strategy.

Monday 6 pips ( 30 minutes) (had doctors appointment)
Tuesday -24 pips (my new loss limit per day is 25 pips)
Wednesday 26 pips ( 1 hr 14 min) done
Thursday 24 Pips ( 2 hrs 10 min) done
Friday 22 pips ( 1 hr 20 min) done

I am very excited, I think I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. I only have 2 boxes to check to get funded. I am going to trade my .01 size for another week or two and then go crazy and jump to .02 lot size. So all this to say I want to trade for money. However it does seem funny to get up and walk away after only a hour or two I usually sat for at least 6-8 hrs and that was in a seat that did not have air ride. ha


I have had 4 out of 5 days this week positive but yesterday was not good, I earned $30.00 1.1% today but still need $60.00 to make it back to where I started on Monday. :)) Did I ever tell you I had a really difficult time in school following the RULES!
SO YES ALLEN that is a YES!!!

I appreciate all your posts and support.

You know its really nice of you, Shawn. Todd and Jeff to leave some pips for the rest of us...LOL



Can't give up when you get to Gold II, Certainly you had the skills to get there, so yes you should be able to bring it home :)

Don't ever get swayed by what other traders do,that can be a very dangerous psychological slope. You should only be concerned about what you, at your present skill level can accomplish, and how you can improve upon it.

the fact, that you are showing consistency is Great, just review trades and be honest about the good the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. looking at the trades as a whole what improvement(s) can be made that will work across all of them (you can't just look at one as that can be very deceptive)

As far as increasing your position size, personally, I believe everybody going through Beeline should trade the minimum size .01 lots till they are funded. Since you are not getting a cut of the profits why would you.

Keep it up and let me know if there is anything I can do to help,


Seems we need to work on your account management plan, Under no circumstances should one day's losses exceed 4 days of profit. Some day's are just not worth trading, for whatever reason, and those days you need to walk away. think about how much you generate in a single session, that should be the most you lose in a single session. if you get to that point, which obviously you exceeded on Thursday, just shut it down and walk your dog.

Always willing to share those pips and damn I am trying to tell you guys where there are... :)



he ha got it Allen and fully agree, I have modified my rules accordingly yesterday!
I think I may have my traders GED now...))))

BTW I left a chart for you on TVC, let me know if you agree or not?


Ed, got your trade view chart and responded. nice work :)


Thanks Allen! You were right, looking at the R/R ratio helps very very much, especially for the wobble! I had completely forgot about my targets, I was just using the wobble going with the trend direction. And although I knew where I was in the "cycle", I was still getting in without considering the overall R/R target.



Glad I could help. Huge congrats on Gold I :)



Well that just sucks!!!!

Monday + 25 pips 1 hr 50 min
Tuesday -8 pips
Wednesday -31 pips got hammered in news right way just to much slippage.
Thursday -23 pips sat looking at the five min chart and watched the market fall out of bed not knowing when to enter (My wife told me
at about noon "why didn't you look at your 1 min chart for entry points." I went for a walk!!
Friday -24 pips I keep selling into a rising market

It is weeks like this that make me pull my hair out.
Well here it is Saturday night and I am already going over my charts, what can I say.


That's what the weekends are for...improving

it seems like you have a good handle on why your trade's didn't work and you can put that information to use.

Wednesday news, there is always going to be slippage so you have to account for it.
Thursday, if the market runs away without you...don't chase it, there will be other opportunities.
Friday, "selling into a rising market", if you are a trend trader....have to as yourself "why am I doing this?"



who does drills/practices?

often times, traders will tell me, that they missed the trade...while at the computer. They just didn't identify it setting up. this may help with that issue.

Once you have a methodology and you have back tested it. how can you improve yourself? One way that i like, is to do drills. Similar to back testing, pick a pair go back in time and moving forward one candle at a time, look for your set-ups, entries and exits.

stay Green my Friends :)


Tradeview id = AGold54


I should recall a statement I made earlier this week that the only trainer I can understand here is Shawn. More to the point: I understand what the trainers are doing, but I don't think it's as effective as S.L.'s style. The other trainers come up with some good points 'sometimes'. But many times the very worst trainers sound like they are talking to themselves and using this platform to learn than offer training. And 'sometimes' is not very useful in trading. I find when I listen to a trainers webinar I have to put it to the side anyway to practice S.L.'s technique. Many times the other trainers' styles are not necessary supplements or useful when trying to learn S.L's technique. So my comment about them being like noise. Another example that the trainers are not using the webinar to its most ability is John Pyne money management webinar where I felt he used half the webinar to talk about his personal life. This is just one example, I find the trainers often avoid trade strategy using various tactics to talking non sense, saying nothing, playing music, etc. Another example is they don't try and perform and trade live like S.L. But sometimes they take a few trades to prove their strategy that end up a few pips negative by the end of the webinar. I personally think every trainer should provide THE SAME service S.L. does. But that's just me.

I think there's many members here that can do better in the same hour as when we watch these trainers. So, I don't think it would be hard to find trainers that can provide superior trading results every hour, just like S.L. does. I believe if the trainer can't do it, they shouldn't be on the Calendar.



I'm not sure how that fits with what i am trying to do with this thread. that said, What Shawn does is very difficult and although you are able to replicate what he does, and my hat is off to you for it, to say Hey, this is the ONLY way Apiary should teach is limiting what other Bees of the Hive can learn. Similarly, I often hear traders ask why the beeline requires them to trade different Sessions and use scalping to swing methods. (It is to make a well rounded traders).

Now with all due respect, I have not had a negative month in over 2 and 1/2 years and generate a very nice return. Sooooo, should I ditch what I am doing to trade like Shawn???



"who does drills/practices?" ...absolutely, i am constantly going back through my trades, marking up, and starting over, and marking up again.

waiting until you, as a trader, are in the heat of the moment...


do the work before you are under pressure, do it often, figure out what works, and then build the habit.


as a trader, there are two profound thoughts to come to terms with...

- you do not know, what you do not know
- what you know you know, will be your greatest limitation


stOplOss, aka library.01, aka drctn...

- so you have a preference, great, if it works for you, great

the challenge is this, that's your preference, the key point is this...

- there is no right way to trade

even though there is no right way to trade, there absolutely are trading principles that are universal.

the break down with such principles is this, there is no one way to apply them.

add to this the reality that each of us, as both traders, and humans, are at different stages in life, and our trading pursuits.

the road blocks that are a challenge to some, are not even noticed by others, and yet, those same people, who did not even notice, they too will have a challenge that is not noticed by others. i can sum this up, in one of my absolute favorite quotes...

"people are always doing their best, even when it's clear to those watching, that they are not."

humans are creatures of habits, learned behavior, and depending on the context of the moment, certain learned behaviors will become stronger, while other learned behaviors, become weaker.

so, again, it's great that you are so set in what you feel is the best, and only way, yet, others may not agree with you in thought, or even in experience.

people must be allowed to stumble forward, backwards, or even to just fall on their face. whatever lessons they have to learn, are uniquely theirs, and no one else can take that from them.


Allengoldatty, i cannot help myself, this topic is so rich...we could build a week long seminar around this fact there are such seminars that attempt to address this...

"To become succesful at trading, one must only learn to check their ego at the door learn a simple system, continually work to improve, and strive to be Great!"

i really don't see it as ego, pride possibly, ego no...per my previous comment, i really see it more as a learned behavior.

i personally broke with my second mentor, despite all i learned, for a couple reasons...

- it was a struggle for me to trade in that way, i simply looked at the charts differently
- i wanted to work with other traders, in the capacity of a trading coach/trainer/teacher, so, i did not want any of his core teachings to be a part of mine

my first mentor, really slowed me down, our discussions were not always about trading. he gave me cause to think.

my decision to break from my second mentor put me on a path that was extremely disruptive, to be clear, i was having success prior to to meeting my second mentor, yet, the success i was having, was shadowed with extreme draw downs...i knew it didn't have to be that way, which is part of why i joined my second mentor.

my first mentor, almost joined me, as he knew, and respected my second mentor...yet, he ultimately decided not to, because he felt the experience would be to much of a distraction for his trading. he was already a successful, and profitable trader.

as shared, the distraction (i.e, disruption) was very real.

i learned a great deal from my second mentor, still, my journey over the last 2 1/2 years, as a trader, has been far more profound than anything else experienced.

i became a skeptical, curious, and questioning trader...rarely taking any advice, no matter it's source, at face value...this served me well, as it fed me, and stoked the fire that burned within.

today, i count shawn as a mentor, even though he, and i have not worked together, his teachings did in fact fill-in some of the blanks for me.

today, i am a student first, and still, i also recognize that i now have a trading method/technique that works, so, like my first mentor, i am aware of the possibility of becoming distracted...yet, today, my clarity, as a trader, is crystal clear, which gives me the ability to engage, to go toe-to-toe with others, to dig deep with others, and their thought processes, all while maintaining who i am, at my core, as a trader.

without such a journey, i would not be the trader i am today. nor would i have the ability to share the insights i share.

Allengoldatty, thank you for sharing what you share, your content always seems to cause me to take pause, to consider, to contemplate, and most importantly, to question.

thank you


How to be a Successful Forex trader Segment 11


Plan for the worst and have contingencies. As was I preparing for today’s trading session, I lost my internet. But I had a contingency in place.
There are 3 main issues traders can face, in addition to the market.
1. You can lose Power,
2. You can lose internet,
3. Your computer crashes
It is prudent to have contingency plans in place for all the above as they usually happen at the worst possible time.
Power: A good quality back-up will solve this problem and although 99% of the time it does nothing, when you lose power you will be ecstatic you have it.
Internet, Although Internet has become more reliable, it still goes out as mine did today. I have on more than a few occasions driven to the 24/7 McDonalds to use their wi-fi in the middle of the night. However, most newer phones will allow you to use the phone as a Wi-fi Hotspot or better yet, tether it directly to your computer. That is what I did today and was able to trade.
Computer issues. A good reliable, well maintained, computer is a must for the professional trader, it is your life blood. Not only should you run diagnostic and cleaning programs on a regular basis, you should blow out your computer at least every 3 months. It is absolutely amazing how much dirt/dust accumulates inside. In addition to maintaining your trading computer, you need to have a back-up, it can be an older computer and it does not need to have all the “bells and whistles” as your main computer but enough to run your essential trading programs.
I hope you enjoy this post and find it helpful.

Stay Green my Friends :)



The Holidays are an excellent time to review and refine your methodology. Moreover, by doing this, you will build confidence in your methodology which in turn will allow you to execute it proficiently.

Most importantly confidence will allow you to feel good about your trading. Make no mistake if you feel good about your trading you will be more inspired to put in the effort that is required. Conversely, negativity leads to skepticism or the "doom and gloom" mentality, Once that sets it, you will stop putting in the effort, which leads you down the obvious path of bad trades and ultimately failure.

In the words of Deion Sanders "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good."

Enjoy your Holidays, review your methodology, feel good about your trading and Be Great!!

Stay Green my Friends :)



and all this time I thought that was from Gellit razor promotion!
Thanks, Allen, got a smirk out of me!


Lol :)


Happy Belated New Year to you Allen.