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On Becoming Gold III

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On Becoming Gold III

I an a new Gold III achiever.  It's taken allot of hard work and perseverance.  But it's just the beginning of using Real Money in a funded account.  Don't exspect big profits yet.  Steady as she goes.


Sun, 07/05/2020 - 7:15pm

Well done GIII, apiaryfund is always looking for new blood.


congrats on getting to gold 3.


Congrats! I've seen a lot of Gold III's say exactly the same. Rookie says to just focus on not losing at first - that's it. haha. Sounds funny, but I imagine it really is key to staying focused psychologically and the profit will come.


Issac, that is not exactly what I say or said... stay small, is my usual suggestion,
Pips are for consistency, sizing is for making money.

Slowly - Confucius.PNG

Congrats, I am just a bit behind you in Gold 1 but look forward to being Gold 3 shortly....


Thanks Rookie, my fellow Iowan! Hope to meet you in person some day.


your welcome Alex, you would be very disappointed and I seldom come out of my cave..:))



Congrats on G III. It's definitely an accomplishment.