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Beeline Achievements Page

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Beeline Achievements Page

Since Apiary updated their Home Page layout last week, I have not been able to access my Beeline Achievements page. That's the one showing the tasks, XP's, mouse roll-over help and progress bar. Used to get there by clicking the beeline-level icon. Not anymore - for me anyway.

I'm surprised not to have heard anything online about this, and that is making me think it's just my account or just Gold III.

What about you guys? Are you (or how are you) getting in?

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 9:04pm

My is working fine. It's just yours.:)


chaff, click the "Beeline" at the top of any page, that gets u in. I do not go into it anymore, u r funded right?
clicking my icon doesn't do anything either.


Ah! Thank you both! D'oh...! The old version got you in if you clicked the icon - never the noticed the beeline link at the top of the page before!

Yeah, I rarely look at this page anymore myself. Just concentrating of monthly profitability. But still, I was curious where I stood if I wanted to finish beeline off.


Mine seemed to clam up for a little but but then again...... Alveo seems a little sluggish lately but then again....... a few folks have been complaining about slow internet in my area but then again...... could have something to do with some 3-4 thousand kids back in school in my area. LOL Poor kids.....Your stats page looks so much different than mine I'm guessing it's because I'm still using windows vista.......


Opps........Scratch that! No......the page is the same I just read over the "Update" to fast......Looks good though.....

Hope I didn't confuse anyone