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beeline advancement

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beeline advancement

Hello fellow guy and gal bees. just would like to say hello and advise all that I have graduated to silver 3!  My last task accomplished in Silver 2 was a 100 pip day.  this I was able to accomplish using the Ichimoku strategy and acually had 200+ pip day!. (a new pr!) I am now started on Silver 3 and have taken the 9 period ema & 26 period ema and am placing trades using those indicators. I think Ichimoku uses sma, but I thought I would give the emas a try.  I presently perceive that Silver 3 looks easier to get through than was Silver 2. i'll welcome and look forward to any replies/comments. thanks, do take care & God bless, Gary L.

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 10:20pm