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Beeline question

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Beeline question

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this or knows the answer.

For any steps that require profit for the day (For instance: 5 profitable days in a row), does that mean both pips and risk need to be positive or green?  Or if you end the day with negative pips, but have a positive risk or positive profit for the day will that count as a profitable day?

I know they push pips over profit, so wasn't sure.



Tue, 01/12/2016 - 9:33am

Please check this link. You may find this question, or future questions already answered in this forum.


short answer: yes your profit must be positive for the 5 consecutive days of profit. this should mean you have positive pips too.


It would be helpful if there were some better explanations of what was needed for some of the goals. Most of them are fine however some can be interpreted different ways. For example:

On Silver II: 5 days with 5 trades: 5 days in a row of profits with 5 trades on each day

Does this mean the 5 trades that are opened need to lead to the profits or can they be other trades? I assumed it meant open at least five trades but any trade can count towards the profit, but apparently that isn't the case.

I think the biggest change that would be helpful is fixing the Saturday break with the five days in a row goals. You get FOMC on a Wed or some other news mid week and you basically need to wait until next week to start over again.


Sokha, the reason I ask, is that on my longer TF trades, I will lower my lot size so that I can widen my SL and TP. Where as on my shorter TF trades, I will have higher lot size with tighter SL. In this case, I might lose more pips on a longer TF trade, but have a lower dollar loss. And on a shorter TF, can make more on less pips. But, in the end of the day I am in profit with negative pips.

However, thanks for the link, I did read through it and didn't see an answer to what I am looking for.


Got ya! I went through that myself when I was in that stage. What I did was to have about 25 to 30 trades on swing trades with 0.01 lot size and take profit at 3:1, 5:1, and 10:1 and close 5 of them each day, and .15 on shorter TF trades because my shorter time frame trades were very high probability with 1:1.

Since my shorter term was very high probability trade, I can easily make up the next couple trades for loss. Thus, my loss in swing trades. I also can make that up in a couple trades in shorter time frames as well.

I just use the lot size above as an example, you have to do calculation to find your optimum numbers for your trading style. I usually make up by the end of the day to get both $ positive and pips positive when I was at that stage, so I did not experience with your questions.

Sorry could not help answering your questions. Plus, I am at work, so it is a lot easier to just send you to that link.


Info 18.
You need to have 5 profitable days in a row with a minimum of 5 trades on each day


Sokha, its all good. It's nice to see how others handle similar situations. Gives me different perspectives to look at.

Case in point, I am currently positive risk/profit at .15% for the day, but down about 36 pips.

I think I will take some of your advice and using smaller lot sizes to make up some of those pips without risking my profit...

Hopefully, that will get me through the day