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beeline silver 2 3 and gold 1 2 3

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beeline silver 2 3 and gold 1 2 3

hey all you guys in silver 2 and 3 and above


if you could would you take the time to post some of the steps ..........the harder ones so some of the guys in the lower beelines can start planning and working on some of the steps that may cause us to get stuck


im in silver 1 and the 5 days profitable trades is the only one i have im kinda of stuck for 5 days just making sure i hit profit everyday to get in the monday through friday


any help would be appreciated by all


also anyone wanting to know silver one 


some of the hard ones


5 trades.....3 pips    3 minutes


5 trades  25 pips    24 hours


5 str8 profitable days

Sat, 11/28/2015 - 1:06pm

@jimkhoffman, good on you!

Grannie Lee

Well, Flashing, since you are now Gold, I don't think you still need suggestions from me!

But, since you asked, it may help others to be sure to notice when it says PROFIT and not just positive pips! That one "got me" and I am having to re-do my 5 days with 5 days PROFITABLE to make Silver III. C'est la vie!


Started Silver II yesterday....


I got a positive 10 pips for the day but had a NEGATIVE profit!



Working on Silver III


Looking forward to starting Silver III. With luck that will be sometime today. Enjoyed doing Silver II, although the family missed a meal or two.


silver 2 -- my final tasks are 50 and 100 pips achievement. had over 40 pips on a trade, but no joy.
Need wider stop.


I set my one click trading to s/l 3 and t/p 2 then waited for a mini shot up or down and placed all 10 trades at one for the 3 and 4 downs. Took me about 3 tries to get them to go the right way but got them in about 10 minutes. My concern is that when I flipped to Silver II that one of my trades was already down 20 pips from silver one and am hoping that it does not count against me for silver II. Does anyone know?


I've been in Silver 2 for a while. Life got a little busy and I lost focus, but I am back to complete this one and move on to Silver 3. I so look forward to completing this one, it's been a while...3 more task to go. Wish me luck.


Silver 3 is where they take off the training wheels.

Do not be n a hurry to go to gold - ==
now is the time to find your preferred strategy, practice it and gain confidence in your trading. Some traders get stuck because they were not ready.


You figured it out, I really appreciate the advice about confidence, I still don't have confidence in my system, but i'm working on it.

Love the Hive, much Props!


Am looking ahead for Gold III . I need to be confident and be consistent in my strategy.


I just made Silver II this today! So glad.

Can anyone please explain to me what these mean?

1) 5 Days with 5 Trades
2) 5 Recovery Profit Trades
3) 3rd & 4th Down Conversion

Looking forward to your explanations.
My appreciations in advance! :) :) :)



If you click on the ? beside the requirement, it pops up with a more detailed explanation. Their short descriptions are not quite as helpful.

Keep working on things and you will get there.

I just got to Gold 2 this past month. I've been at it for 3 years now but am not able to apply as much time as I would like to it as I can't trade while at work.

You'll make it most likely sooner than I will.


Gold 1 achievements still missing from thread, XD!


hi flashinpips, every Friday at around noon PST


at noon PST every Friday there is a live Apiary webinar showing how to get through the steps from bronze to Gold 3


I don't know whether this is too obvious or not but for 5 trades 3 pips in 3 mins, set your 1 click trading to 5-6 pips then find a good pair with high likelihood of moving - either long or short. Then stack 5 trades in a row on the pair. Might take a little while but it will come.


Hi everyone, congratulations you guys made it to where you are now. Just need information. What are the platform challenges in Silver 1,2 and 3? I’d like to prepare myself and plan my strategy. I see some of the post. Are there anything else? Thank you in advance.


Hi Jen;

you can check this link, it has the Beeline requirements for most if not all the levels.[cid]

Stay Green my Friends :)



Allengoldatty....Perfect...thank you thank you so much..I appreciate it. Time to plan and execute .. thumbs up.


Silver 11 was definitely not easy. Moved to 111 last week after 5 weeks. I would think alot depends on the system you are using. just make sure that the probabilities of winning is at least 80:20 or even 90:10. because it is going to be difficult to get those 10 winners in a row if it does not have a high probability of success. Also choose the times you trade carefully...dont trade news times but do trade the more volatile times. after the UK open and the US open. Above all look for alignment between the time frames, 4 hr, 1 hr and enter on the 15 or 5 min. time frames. Chances of success are greater when you do these.


Made it to Silver 1 and half is almost done.


I need some help with the 25-5-24 requirement. I am not used to trading long term. i had to put 5 trades on overnight to hit the 15 pips on 5 trades held for 60 min, and it nearly killed me. lolol.

any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Happy Trading.


I got to Silver II Sunday Evening, I am going through it quite quick, I should be in Silver III by Friday, it is quite interesting sometimes any of us can get stuck in a relative easy task and then some of us goes smooth through more complex tasks, any comments ?


Keith4par... I traded USD/JPY to complete 25-5-24. First I completed 5 sets within 8 hrs and didn’t know it has to pass 24hrs, so I had to do it over. Look for reversal pattern in a H1 or 30M time frame for USD/JPY. Reversal pattern in H1 or 30M will give you more than 25 pips This currency offer great movement during the day and at night time around 9pm. Once you find a good pattern and time to enter, trade it 5x all at the same time.. leave it until you have more than 25 pips so it will last more than 24 hrs. I made mine to almost 50 pips but since I have to wait for 24 hrs time to close I have extra pips to waste when the currency was going to the opposite direction. I hope this gives you an idea or help you a bit.

I’m trying to finish the 5 days straight trades win... and I’m stuck!! It only take one loose trade to ruin this assignment aaaggghhh.


Made it to Silver II .... this level looks tough!!


Always keep it simple. Read all tasks through the different levels of the Beeline.
Once you read all identify which ones can be addressed all in the same trades.
Basically the saying “kill two birds with one stone”.


I am now in GOLD!! Silver level was challenging and fun!! Thanks for all the advice, help and sharing your strategy here. I appreciate it.


@JenStrading01, your bubbly is showing all over, congratulations!


Thanks for your advice!


Silver 1 was hard at the end - getting the 50 pip-er. Was all done but for that step, took several days, I think I'll do things differently for next levels - if that is a step.

Am in Silver 2 now, hardest step has been the 5 days in a row - thought I had it because I had enough pips, called support and realized I need to look at PROFIT on this one not PIPS. That was good to know! I was so used to watching pips. Done soon I hope and on to Silver 3! Hi-ho silver away :-)


Rookie .... lol ... hey we can’t be too serious all the time. I’m serious enough while I’m trading so we gotta have balance and have fun while getting this training done. Hehe


Hey penem, I found silver 2 was the hardest one so far. It took me quite a while to get through. Those 3rd and 4th down conversion were what got me. For the 5 in a row, I looked for small profits which was what was advised by the folks in beeline, then quit trading for the day in order to finish the level. Silver 3 has been easier and I hope to be finished today. Keep hanging in there. It will all come together.