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Beeline Statistics

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Beeline Statistics

When looking at beeline statistics, are they based on pips or profit?

My question is more regarding profit trade expectancy.  I was trying to close a trade while it was -.2 pips, but it ended up closing with a .40 positive pips and -.09 profit.  So, will this go towards my average win stat or my average loss stat??

I know Apiary always talks about pips, pips, and more pips... but what are the actual stats calculated on since you can have positive pips but still have a negative profit?



Thu, 07/14/2016 - 9:58am

AMC, Stats are based on profit so that will go down as a loss


That's good, cuz I need to get my average loss stat down... 8)

That's my last stat I need to complete to move onto Gold 2. And right now my expectancy is at -1.20 8(