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Beeline stats not updating??

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Beeline stats not updating??

Previously, the stats on the Beeline updated almost immediately once I completed something.  Now, however, even though I have completed activities they are not being reflected on the Beeline page??

Anyone else?

Wed, 11/18/2015 - 12:41pm

I encountered the same thing. I plan on calling Support today to see if they can resolve the issue.


have you switched to your silver demo account?


yes, if you work on sliver level, you must use silver demo account.

beeline sliver only update stats with silver demo account

Jason Mertz

wonder about Bronze though?


No special account for Bronze


No, only for silver and gold I think


Apiary has set up Silver and Gold sim accounts for Beeline you can access if you go to manage accounts and activate there.


I believe that it is only silver and gold


Yeah, seems lots of us didn't read the post on the forums saying we needed to use the silver account once we got there. The same thing happened to me while I was already in Silver 2. So now I am using the Silver account and it's working as intended with Beeline tracking the stats.


I'm in bronze 3 and beeline is not updating stats. So i think their is an issue here ...



I suspect( this is a guess) that the staff have to get to the office for them to do whatever they do to update beeline stats.


Mine not updating either for Trailing stop in Bronze....I did it twice...haven't heard back from Support yet either.


I mean Copper..sorry



Hope this link can help the issues you encounter:


Bronze II too, and now III.


Yes Sokha, I saw this and tried it both ways. I set it at 1 and it activated also the other way and it activated. My beeline won't update so I can't move on.
Thank you.


Lynn, remember that you can still improve upon your stats by making good trades. The Beeline is just an alternate way to help guide you to good trading habits that will ultimately help you get funded. If you look at your statistics page, as long as you meet the requirements down at the bottom of the page you can request a meeting to go over your statistics and get put into a pre-funded account.

Manuel C

Lynn. Was your issue solved?. Because I ended the silver 2 level by friday afternoon but the bee line didn't changed until last tuesday morning. Something similar happened the prior weekend. I think that it takes the whole weekend to update the stats while the system update itself. Regards.


I am a Copper 3 very excited and looking forward to this new opportunity, I am very grateful!


Nope..I guess they don't believe me that I did everything that it said to do but the website says something else.
Oh well...



Try the code I had in that link. Let the market moves in your favor a few pips, and then move the stop loss to the area below your entry for sell short, and let the market stops you out with that trailing stop.

Hope it works.


sometimes the beeline stats update at the most random times.
There was one where I had to go 5 days in a row with profits. I did so last week, but did not even see a single "1/5" count.
This week, I didn't trade for the past 2 days, yet now it suddenly shows the goal as complete, haha.



Lynn.b we have reviewed your trades multiple times regarding the trailing stop. The reason your beeline is not updating is because you have not completed that step. Your two trades were closed out due to your take profit and you need a profitable trade that closes out due to the trailing stop. I have sent you additional sources that go over what a trailing stop is. If you need further assistance to pass that step please call our support line at 801-701-1650.

As for anyone else who is having any issues with beeline not updating please call our support line and we are more than happy to review the trades. Beeline is controlled by an automated system and it goes off of closed dates and other factors.

Thank you
Apiary Support


To support personnel,

For future Beeline Silver's

It would be more efficient if the notice to used a "Silver Workspace" were highlighted and encluded in the announcement email acknowledging advancement to "Silver Beeling Hive."


I had problem getting my last goal for Silver to update. It wasn't posting at the close of each day.

I had to call support and the identified the problem and it appears to be corrected.

51 days and 501 trades and now I'm closing Alveo waiting to move to Silver-II.