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Beeline - Trade 5 Days In A Row (Beginning Sunday or Monday)


Beeline - Trade 5 Days In A Row (Beginning Sunday or Monday)



I am in Bronze-II and trying to go to Bronze -III. I am not moving to next level eventhough I have tradede everyday for 5 days? Any Idea?




Sun, 09/18/2016 - 11:58pm

Sometimes it takes a few hours to recognize you have reached all of the goals for bronze III.


Yes, very true what Valerie stated. If for some reasons, you have not reached the next level within hours, call customer support to make sure everything is working correctly.


I think Five days in a row doesn't count your gaps.
If you trade only once a week with winning trades for 5 weeks without loosing any trade even then it's counted as 5 in a row.
Isn't it?


The achievement uses GMT for the days, not your local time zone. You must trade 5 days in a row using GMT which may be several hours different than your local timezone. The achievement will not be counted until the end of the fifth day in GMT.


I spoke with support. Since I became Bronze II on Monday 9/12/2016. That day trading is not counted. Now from Tuesday to Friday is 4 days adn weekend breaks the streak. so I have start over another 5 days from today 9/19/2016 for me to advance to Bronze -III. It does not seem correct to me. to held the progress of Beeline with no purpose??

Any one in the same boat??


If you are in Bronze III level currently could you please share screen shot of your Beeline list that needs to be done wito complete Bronze III. That way I can do the videos atleast to not loose time. Appreciate your help...