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Begoinning setups

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Begoinning setups

My Name is Joe Ruvolo,
Trading for ten years mostly equities and option spreads looking forward to learning how to trade currenecy pairs starting with EUR/USD.Welcome any and all trade setups a beginneer can follow.

Fri, 04/14/2017 - 8:04am

Welcome aboard. Just follow the Beeline. There's honey at the end!


JRU: Since you already have trading experience, I'll assume that you've at least heard of the Inside Bar strategy. If so, then please keep in mind that it works the same way in FX as it does in stocks and options. Also, definitely pay close attention to the Benjamin Formula related materials. P&L calculations for FX differs slightly from the ones for equities and options.


JRU I agree with Scott. Follow the beeline. Watch the trend and enter your positions.

Happy trading.