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Best AWS Region for Alveo

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Best AWS Region for Alveo

Hi there

Does anyone know what country apiary funds servers are in? I'm assuming USA? If whats the best AWS region to use to reduce latency as best as possible. I'm antipodean, so to the USA I have a 180ms handicap at the outset.

Is Apiary served out of AWS? is there another VPS provider that might be more appropriate?

Sat, 06/16/2018 - 6:53am

Some of the AWS servers are outside of the US. I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of them is in NZ, because Apiary has an IBC in NZ, and Apiary used to work with Divisa (which is based in NZ) in the MT4 days (prior to Alveo).


ok, thanks Hakchinoy. there's no AWS in nz, though of course there's all sorts of other options.

So, Apiary offer to run a VPS for you for 24/mth (not a bad price really, and perhaps a better option, but...) - so I'm wondering where (geographically) they are hosted? might be a hint as to whats best region to use.


Anyhow.. I just realised until I pass get a copy of Alveo running, I can't move past copper1, and the iPad version crashes until theres trades, and you can't have trades till theres a copy running (at least afict), so I'll just spin up and aws us one for now and see what happens next.

Thanks for your comments.


well for the record.. t2.medium running windows 2016 in us-east is just fine.