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Best Platform so far

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Best Platform so far

The best platform so far
by far and no means.
CHECK OUT cTrader.
Change from black to white interface with one click !
Order flow information (purple trader only,but bettter than nothing)
Renko,Tick and real price candlestick on one place !
Now when you think this does not help you to make better trading decisions i dont know what does.

Fri, 05/31/2019 - 1:42am

looks like this :

c trader screenshot white.jpg c trader screenshot dark.jpg

But do they Fund you???


this is a bit funny...i'm not laughing at you caflischmartin, i'm laughing at alveo, and the amount of pain it inflicts.

- when it comes to funding, no matter the funding company, their platform, is their platform.


just because Apiary fund us is not a reason to search for better results with other means than provided from APIARY,in contrary,APIARY should procide the best ever platform BECAUSE the traders are new to the industry,to make sure they have the best equipment available to make profit ! For them and APIARY funds.
Like athlethes get the best coaches,even if they are young and just starting.
Talent can compensate bad equipment to a certain degree(Usain Bolt ran uphill in is village as a kid !) ,
but good equipment can can also compensate less talented people,wich most of us are !
Talent AND good equipment makes participants EXCEL in what they are doing.


Funding is secondary,like money is secondary for a soccer in a match or a Tennis player.They dont think how much money they get after the match,they focus on a ball and how to put it the right way during the match!!!
Nothing to do with a bank account.


caflischmartin, no argument here.


yes of course,to click buy and sell and to close again ALVEO is sufficient most of the time : )


Nah best platform is TradingView. The way I trade now I can use TradingView for charting and just Alveo for trade management.

Alveo has some nice things though. One thing that scratches my head that they don't have is the individual trade percentage up or down, I scratch my head since the 2% per trade rule is so critical.


yes,and many others,crucial stuff like slow execution.Demo it doesnt matter much except to reach the stats,
but with real money I have to be emotionally prepared for it.

Nick Sammy

To use this platform we get to use somebody elses money.
I have other accounts but I have to make money using my money.


Yes Nick,thats why we all compromise with its flaws,but how great it would be to have an OUTSTANDING platform to trade with for APIARY and get even better results ?


I agree with info_18. I use other charting software. I'm sure there may be some synchronization issues, and there may be some hiccups along the way, but I knew from the jump that I was comfortable with other charting software. So I get to be funded and use multiple software. But to each is own. You have to do what works best for you.


I use cTrader in Pepperstone.


First time I see this thread Martin ;-)

"Now when you think this does not help you to make better trading decisions i dont know what does."

I also had some thoughts before about a better platform design, and one which makes my personal trading decisions
better, and I came up with this one! (Removing everything on the chart which I don't need).

I wish there would be a stripped down & light version of Alveo, one which I could customize to the minimum, to what I only see and need when trading, like the attached screenshot.

I doubt it will happen though.

(I'm not joking or want to fool around, I took this screenshot and modified it when the EUR/USD was at 1.1588 last year.
That would be the perfect platform design for me.)

It's an equal proposition to what everyone wants to have and/or see, individually, whether it's more or less

SVP Trading View.jpg