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Best Strategies

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Best Strategies


I am trying to get thru Silver, but in the meantime, I would love to hear from you regarding the strategies that you find to be best.


Vin Kotecha

Tue, 09/10/2019 - 7:06pm

Ichimoku is working. Follow the signals generated by price crossing above or below Kijun-Sen on long term time frames.


Out of curiosity, what timeframe are you placing your entries?


Dear Vinod, there are 1000's of strategies out there. You need to find your own and stick with it for some time and see if it is profitable

Keep Calm

if you can profit within 6 loss and 4 wins, I thought that the best strategy.


I agree with Sagitario's comment. Pick one technique that suits you. Or make some modification until it becomes part of your style and you are comfortable using it. I like Shawn's scalping technique and fixing trade. I also like alignment strategy with HMA. The important thing is be persistent and practice the technique until you are very good at it.

A quote from Bruce Li drives home regarding this point: "I am not afraid of a guy that knows 10000 different techniques, but one that does a single technique 10000 times."


FrankS, 15mins works well for me.