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Better than multiple monitors

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Better than multiple monitors

If you are in the market to buy a new (set of) monitors here is one that I've been using for 1 year now: a 43" monitor (LG model 43UD79, about $550 @ this morning). The advantage I see is that (1) it is way easier to install & maintain vs 4 monitors; (2) improves display real estate; (3) avoid long Alveo loading times. Good Trades!


Wed, 07/31/2019 - 10:28am

Can you turn it vertically and have 8 - 10 charts up all at one time? Sounds like a good solution. Does the computer need a more powerful thingy to drive this?


In one of my Alveo Workspaces I have all 27 pairs in one screen (see attached). Once I scroll each chart (to the right) to reduce the number of bars I do not have to flip & wait for a new pair... I just gaze to the chart nearby. I'll see if can get my PC specs.

My Aveo Workspace.PNG

I found my desktop back in January of 2018 on this site: They specialize into Computers for Traders. This is what I have: The Super Trader GT EZ Trading Computer - Features i7-8700K, 16GB RAM and 250GB SSD. I also have a modem for 1GBit/s. If you need more details, let me know.


Thanks, I will try that with my favourite pairs: 5 or 6 might do it


Great idea, saves having to wait for each new chart to load




Makes a lot of sense

I started on 6 screens (22" i think)- I didnt know where to look :)

Then I moved to 4 bigger screens (2 x 23" + 2 x 27") I got neck strain

Now I use 2 x 27". I found that multiple screens was causing me brain fog and brain fatigue - way to much information :)

I have always wondered what It would be like to have 1 huge single screen........

Thanks for sharing


"I have always wondered what It would be like to have 1 huge single screen........"

This one would be nice, but expensive ;-)


This is a good idea, especially now that we have 4K resolution available to us at a economical cost. I will have to look into it compared to multiple 1080p monitors. Thanks again


ill try this out on a 55'' 4k TV
ill post back later.


Would like to know how traders on VPN are able to export their trade history to an Excel workbook they are trading with?
Did you have Excel loaded into the VPN world? Or?


Good tip. I'm going to check into that.