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How to  Buy at Bid price and sell at Ask?

Fri, 07/15/2016 - 4:51pm

As part of a Silver II requirement to reply to topics in the forum, I'll answer your question and hope I don't seem like some regulars here who show an amazing capacity for stating the obvious. I don't know if your question is facetious or not, but I'm answering it anyway and getting credit for replying to a forum topic!

You set bid and ask prices when you use limit orders. If you place a limit order to buy at a price below the current ask price and your order gets filled, you will have bought at the bid price. Conversely, if you place a limit order to sell at a price above the current bid price and your order gets filled, you will have sold at the ask price. i.e. To buy at bid and sell at ask, use limit orders. Of course, your orders might not fill. But that wasn't part of the question, huh. Good luck!