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Bill Williams Alligator Trading System

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Bill Williams Alligator Trading System

I have just discovered the Alligator Indicator. When used correctly it is more like a trading system than an indicator. It was designed for the following:

1) Identify trends

2) Identify reversals

3) Protect one from fake outs

4) Creates dynamic support and resistance areas

I love the terms used in this indicator, mouth, jaws, teeth and lips. There are represented by three moving averages where the colors are blue, red and lime respectively.

Here is a link to a great article that explains it so well. There is so much to this I can see myself spending a lot of time mastering it. It has the potential of helping us make good trades consistently. Enjoy! And make more money!

If anyone uses it I would love to hear the results you get. I will also report on my results.


Mon, 09/10/2018 - 1:28am

Any results yet for using the Alligator indicator?


Ed not from me but then again I do not have the patience to wait for o the alligator or Ichimoku... I personally think both are great for trending markets and a lot a real lot of patience waiting for a trade setup.


I have been reading Bill Williams book on chaos trading , very interesting , I have found the fractals , and alligator are not as sensitive as I want and I get whipsawed a lot . I am using his version of macd and find it much better ,more sensitive , and more accurate . he takes the standard macd and changes it to 5-34-5 by adding a 5 period moving average to the bar graph . this put a line on top of the bar chart . If the bar chart is below the line -sell , if the bar graph is above the line buy . this graph tells you exactly what is going on now not last hour or last minute or yesterday . so far it is working great . put your SL one or two fractals back depending on how much you want to loss if it goes to hell on you Yesterday was up 294 pips, we will see if it holds. I work on one cart only ,can't follow them all bob k n1jrm > my ham call stay warm -15 tonight


love this macd 5/34/5 granted the market is hot today but am up 454 pips


@n1jrm, great start on the day!


I like Bill Williams and I think his system does need some tweaking but it can work