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bollinger bands


bollinger bands


does anyone use bollinger bands to trade EUR/USD?  if so, what settings have you found to be most useful?

thank you


Thu, 11/10/2016 - 3:10am
Ken Bury

I do on any pair. I use a bands(16,2) period 16, 2 standard deviations.


I don't use the Bollinger bands per se, I use the TTM squeeze which is an indicator found in Think or Swim platform which incorporates the Bollinger bands and Keltner channels. It gives you a visual clue when the market is in consolidation(squeeze) and when the squeeze fires or rather breaks out. It also shows a momentum histogram on the same indicator.

I love this indicator for using breakout strategies.


Here is an interesting strategy with bollinger bands and kelter channel
Can also be used with Renko charts


I've used the TTM Squeeze as well, and it works very well for me.


I use the (20,2) Bollinger Bands on Alveo. There are many opinions about the period and the sd settings, but a good place to start is with the "standard" settings of (20,2). Once you trade that for a period of time, you can test other settings in your individual trading style and see if other settings are better for you. The best settings are the ones that work well for you...


I use the default setting in Alveo.


I also use the (20,2) Bollinger Bands and they've worked out pretty well for me. I'm going to take a look at the TTM Squeeze, thanks for bringing it to my attention.


I think its worthwhile looking at Bollinger with the default mt4 settings, and then, when you are familiar with whats happening, you can then use another level eg 20 1 or 20 3. Its worth doing some solid reading about Bollinger, in the end its comes down to hour after hour of looking at the graphs. I personally use the BB with Heiken Ashi candles, in MT4. The combination of the position in BB and change of colour of the Heiken Ashi is pretty useful. Im sure that it all comes down to time spent watching, because thats the way our brains work, they save persistent patterns. If you dissect a shark, you will find that the visual system goes back to the beginnings of life, its fundamental to our processing. So go with the flow!!


Default works fine for me.


I will check this out


can you put BB & Heiken Ashi candle to Alveo plateform. I could not change the numbers from Alveo!

Please advise.



I use default settings.


I also use Bands(16,2) with a EMA7 on any pair.


I use BB(14) with 2 and 3 SD


I have found Bollinger Bands to be incredibly useful because they provide structure to the chart in terms of volatility, momentum, trend, and indications of what direction the next candle is likely to go. I don't need any other indicator. I have tried most of them along with BB and I seldom need to refer to the others, and then just for support after the fact. I don't think the settings are important as long as you always use the same ones, of course. I will expand on BB in the future when I have gained more experience.

Norma Jenner

For everyday trading 13-20 sma BB with 1-3 std dev (depending on what % of price one intends to capture (in turn depending on one's strategy))are great.

For position trades I find value in 200,2 BB since the 200sma, the centerline has commercial value


thanks for sharing!