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Bollinger Bands and inside bars

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Bollinger Bands and inside bars

I am primarily comfortable trading breakouts of bollinger bands (20ma, 2 standard deviations) with a breakout being defined as a close above or below the band on a specified time frame. I then like to go one time frame lower than the breakout time frame and look for entries.  My favorite being an inside bar followed a break beyond the inside bar in the direction of the higher time frame.

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 9:04pm

Very intelligent to use the break of an inside bar. I have seen that the break of an inside bar from the 1H time frame are most of the time very powerfull.
WhIch time frame do you prefere?
I also like the bollingerbands.


@sematt6, Congratulations on getting your funded account, you have earned it!

Tell us are you still trading the 4H with bands? Is that the strategy that got you funded?
If so what is your expectancy with the method?