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Boosting Daily Returns, Silver 2

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Boosting Daily Returns, Silver 2

Am currently stuck on Silver 2, By far the most challenging level for most Bees from all I am told and understand. I am fully and totally, completely consistent in lot sizes I trade in. .01 being my uniform, default Lot Size I trade in, every active trade all uniformed, .01 Lot Sizes. I can generate, and earn positive pips daily, not closing out any losing trades, taking any losses, and STILL my Daily Return is in the negative? How or what is an effective means, strategy at boosting your Daily Returns, if generating positive pips, consistently into the positive/Profitable Green? Is it my ACTIVE/Open Trades sitting in the negative that keeps my Daily Return percentages, despite any amount of pips earned, which keeps it in the negative?

Mon, 06/24/2019 - 2:42pm


A major issue alot of traders have, is taking losses. Nobody likes to lose but it is a part of trading. For example, I trade at 87% accuracy rate, which means, I still take losses. it does not matter if the losses are realized (closed) or unrealized (open trades), they are included in your daily return %, and if you don't close them, they will compound day by day, till the Apiary risk protocols close them for you.

I hope that helps,



Thanks for that Apiary tidbit, Allen!
BTW 87% at your level ain't all bad..::))



it frick'in ridiculous but the point is I still lose...