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Can someone/ anyone explain to me what Brexit is and why it has any effect on Forex?

Thu, 05/09/2019 - 5:13am

Brexit is England's attempt to withdraw from the European union. They are afraid of losing their idenitity. About 52% support Teresa May in this effort, others now realise that that would be a mistake. Now the fight is on. Either way (in or out) in the long run all of the Forex market will experience volitality


6:25am 9 April 2019, Today I must say, BRETIX is Britts attempt to control the negitive effects of EURO ZONE. With too much power, euro zone controls all aspects of financial dealings to include forex, bonds and futures. What happened to the euro as example, is the same thing what happened to the Rockefellers oil domination over smaller refiners, it became all encompasing and opressive to those who went against it, to include violencia. It therefore seems only a natural outcropping that the Britts would tag from the main, pushing for financial freedom. It's less about fighting, fists, clubs, perol bombs, and how much you could resist pain than it is about financial control over repatriation of their own currency.


It creates economical and political uncertainty in the UK. Most of the events that create uncertainty in a country are usually bearish for the local currency. If you see back in the last few months when Brexit was rejected by the UK parliament the GBP experienced bull spikes. When we will be close to the next vote there will be some good volatility for GBP pairs.


Brexit has been calm lately. Does anyone have an update?

Nick Sammy

They kicked the can down the road to October. It is still more watched than the trade wars.


Thanks much Nick. Can't believe Brexit will stay calm til then. Like you say, I'm watching it.