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The Brexit Vote

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The Brexit Vote

Forex Factory says the membership vote is all day.  But, does anyone know approximately what time they are actually voting?  

I can understand the apprehension of not trading because of this, but if we know when it is going to happen should allow us to trade up to that time right?

Right now markets appear to be moving normally.

Thu, 06/23/2016 - 8:23am

It is a all day event. On Bloomberg it talks about when news about the outcome should be about 5pm EDT




voting ends at 10pm GMT+1


I read that we won't really know the results until tomorrow morning US eastern time.


Amc, per my knowledge, voting stops at 4 pm US EST. The results will be announced starting tonight our time.

Sunderland (N. England) will announce first. That's expected to be a LEAVE vote. However, the delta between the two options, is expected to be an indicator for the rest of the UK.


Sunderland voted to leave EU by 61% to 39%


Polls closed last night 10 pm London time

Final results will be known/predicted "after 7 am" London.

London is 7 hours ahead of New York time.

10 pm London = 3 pm New York

8 am London = 1 am New York


Live stream of Brexit results:


Live stream of Brexit results (very close, volatile, and exciting):


Thank you Brexit vote for all the volatility, I'm now on to Gold II :)

Wyoming SuperPIP

Congrats Cannon for hitting Gold II I believe it will also help me too as I'm Up about 4000 total pips with the volatility from Brexit to help push me to Gold III :-)


I cannot compete with you guys, but I am up over 900 pips, and that should help me sail through Gold 1 :-) I would carry on trading, but closing trades is becoming very difficult - lots of liquidity provider rejections.

Well done to both of you!


I got lucky plain and simple. I was simply trying to put on 5 overnight trades to meet the 25-5-24 requirement for silver 1 and things started to happen. Good thing i did not leave the trade on. Looks like it's going to be a crazy trading night as the leave votes are in the lead at the moment.


The UK has voted to leave the EU. Hence markets are looking stabilized. The GBP has tanked about 10% to the USD.