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bronze 2 level better be started before Monday


bronze 2 level better be started before Monday

just wanted to share tasks for bronze 2 level in advance, the one will keep me for 10 days without need here is "trade 5 days in a row". I've reached this level on Wednesday so no chance to pass it before I fulfill this

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 11:46pm



hi niki how are you going with the hive

are you learning lots

what pairs do you trade or like to trade


hi thanks :)
yes, I've done all quized/dox/videos/discussions u to gold 3 level by now))) now will concentrate on trading. I'm trading majors, still don't have my favourites. Trying M1 TF as I never did it before, usually use M30.
just have u finally upgraded to bronze 3 and here are requirements for it:
Watch "2013 September Summit - Money Management" Video
Watch "Money Management" Video
Watch "Trading Statistics" Video
Read "Track Record Statistics" Document
Refer A Second Friend
Make 15 Pips on 1 Trade
Trade the Austrailian Dollar (AUD)
Trade the Japanese Yen (JPY)
Trade the Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Trade the New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
Complete 10 Trades In 1 Day
Read "More Technical Analysis" Document
Read "Risk Management" Document
Place 50 Trades
Place 3 Trades In A Row Each With 10 Pips Profit
2 Profitable Consecutive Trading Days (no losing trades)
Make 3 Pips on a Trade Open For At Least 5 Minutes
Watch "Tips for Saving Money" Module
Pass "Money Management" Quiz


Yayy!! Finally Niki found the requirement to upgrade bronze3.. She was hustling everywhere for it :p I am still stuck on 5 days in a row.. Thanks for the Update Niki :)


I didn't find, I've reached it after fulfilling 5 days in a row))
hope i don't fail to fulfill 2 consecutive profitable days and upgrade to silver by the end of the week, but silver and gold levels require 5 days-few weeks consecutives, so I'm looking forward to challenges


Hi Niki, it looks like you started a couple of weeks before I started. Congrats on reaching Silver 1! It is encouraging to see someone new like me who is achieving the same pace I plan to achieve myself.

Also, I want to thank you for posting the necessary achievements for Bronze III. I have completed Bronze II all except for 5 days trading in a row. I cannot understand why it has not completed my achievement considering I did trade all 5 days in a row.

Did you experience a long wait for that achievement to be recognized and Bronze III to open up? I've attached the times of my first and last trade for each day last week, and I cannot understand how I did not qualify.

Anyway, again, I appreciate you posting the requirements for Bronze III because I have been able to work on those while I wait on the status of the "5 days in a row" achievement. Thanks!

Alveo Trade Times.PNG


Thank you so much for sharing the requirements for Bronze III.

Even though I have traded every day this week, I find myself stuck at Bronze II due only to the 5 trading days in a row requirement starting on a Sunday/Monday. Based simply on a timing issue, I have no ability to complete Bronze II this week. A bit frustrating to lose momentum due to one requirement, especially when that requirement is simply about consistently placing and closing trades regardless of whether they are winners or losers!

With you post, I am able to maintain my momentum and feel like I am continuing my journey at the appropriate pace. Thank you so much!



Keep it up traderflychic! Bronze III should move fairly quickly when you know the requirements ahead of time!


On your question of tripping the Win 5 trades in a row requirement for Bronze II:
I learned the hard way that the challenge really should read "CLOSE 5 PROFITABLE trades in a row" as that is what the system seems to register for completion. Here's what happened:
I won 7 in a row and it didn't check the task off. So I did it again with 5 wins in a row and still didn't complete the task.
I learned to be careful of the spread and the slippage. In my WINS in the 7 run, closed with a " -0" can a zero be minus? but that's what it said....And another one in the sequence was a " -.01 profit" due to a large spread - even though it was a scalp. What??? Really?
In the run of 5 I had a longer trade running that caught a trailing stop out of sequence and that ruined my streak of 5. Support told me to look at the "Closed" trades, not the placed trades for the 5 wins in a row. For example: if you won trades 10-15, but trade 3 stop loss closed you out some time between winning trades 12 and 13, thus breaking your 5 streak. of 10-15. See what a fine nuance it is?
So: 1) make sure your trades are also profitable and 2) make sure the sequence opens and closes in a row timewise.
In later levels there are more challenges with winning trades in a row so its good to learn how to do it now at Bronze II.


I joined on 19th December and started. At Bronze 2 level, I was stuck up with Xmas and New Year Holidays, cutting 2 weeks with 4 trading days each. I have started seeing all the course materials and completed quizzes for another 4 level. Since there is lot of time to enter, I just tried to place orders with minimal directions and brought down the trading account in a significant way. This I had done to know how badly I may behave and had taken the issues to watch. Now from this Monday, I will be more honest and will not play in the trial account. I want to finish the tasks ahead with minimum time frames and march ahead. In addition to the excellent study materials, I like this forum where sharing is universal as no one thinks the other as his/her rival. Thank all the participants as this is really a place to share and progress.


I am working through the last task in Bronze II trade 5 days in a row. Nothing about being profitable but I am using this time to work towards each trading day being profitable. I am hearing a lot of issues with completing this step... hoping I can do it in the first attempt!


I am working through the last task in Bronze II trade 5 days in a row. Nothing about being profitable but I am using this time to work towards each trading day being profitable. I am hearing a lot of issues with completing this step... hoping I can do it in the first attempt!

Looking at the Bronze III requirements... this one has me scratching my head:
2 Profitable Consecutive Trading Days (no losing trades)
So, literally no losing trades? I guess you want to quit for the day if you get one profitable trade. Then do that again the next day. Then move on to other tasks? Seems so tricky. Are they just trying to drag this process out or test our discipline to not over trade?


Hello all, I have been stuck at Bronze II for several months. Lost motivation to study and trade.
Made the desicion to attend the Silver Bootcamp this week, best decision I have made trading yet!!
Meeting the Apiary staff and Shawn Lucas in person and seeing their pasion for this company has restoked the fire.
Getting to work to finish Bronze and move onto Silver and Gold and to get funded!!!