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Building a TRADE STATION - perfect for ALVEO


Building a TRADE STATION - perfect for ALVEO

Tired of your old 17" Desktop/laptop - This site will guide you through building a NEW trade station or via a ONE CLICK order system you can have it built for you - - with real tight price margins to boot with killer specifications for trading specifically.

Multi-Monitor Computers

The example featured on this February build is priced at 3200$ for a 8 monitor station (includes monitors) or build it yourself by purchasing the parts individually in your neighbourhood or online.

The Bloomberg Terminal is too pricey for most small businesses, so make one yourself for under $1000.  link

Here's are link to forums discussing Hardware geared for trading.... link

Here's a link to build your own MT4 VPS server... link


Sat, 02/14/2015 - 12:26pm

Great links, thanks! I can tone down the first one to 4 monitors for $2000 ish


Another great source for trading systems. Build to suit and financing. Eddie is a trader himself.


I have an Eddie Z computer. It's now four years old and still rock solid. I had a couple of minor issues with it (graphics card GPU cooling fans failed) but Eddie was right there to honor his warranty and replace the graphics cards.


good to know - thanks


Yes, I can also attest to the quality of Eddie Z's computers as I run a 6 monitor configuration. He will built to suit what you need/want.


I'm so glad to hear that. I just decided, after hanging around losing money for two years, that I should get serious. I just got my system from Eddie Z today (monitors arrived a few days ago). I am super excited to get started.


I have also heard good things about Eddie's trading rigs.

I opted for a DIY project and hit NewEgg for the Cyber Monday sales (on Tuesday the week before ;). I did a ton of research leading up to that and found a few sites that had extremely useful information for both build-from-scratch and turnkey buyers.

PassMark Software has a fantastic site where they publish benchmarks (comparison scores) on CPU's, video cards, hard drives, RAM, and complete systems in sortable tables where you can drill down to get details on the individual component. Go to

Another that comes to mind is PCspecs ( These guys provide information on virtually every component with a rating score and massively helpful compatibility information. I would have been screwed with it. They also have a PC-builder application that takes you through the process. Its really cool and you can print out your parts list, complete with estimated prices, when you're finished. They also have a link to populated the items into an Amazon cart too but, I opted to haggle with various places individually.


Back in 2003 I built my own trading rig with a four-monitor setup. It ran Windows XP and was darn close to state-of-the-art while remaining reasonably affordable. It ran great for many years but with Microsoft phasing out XP support, it was time to get a new computer. Besides, Windows 7 was superior to XP, so ti made sense in 2011 to move on.

I chose a pre-built machine for one reason: warranty. Not only that, sometimes, due to volume pricing on components, a system builder can put together a computer for less money than I can buying at retail, so even with the builder's markup, I still get a great price - and the all-important warranty.

Of course, you don't get the satisfaction that comes from building it yourself, not an insignificant thing. A tip o' the hat to you, sandtrout, for your DIY skills.

Here's another good trading computer site: I can't vouch for them personally, but they appear to build some pretty awesome trading machines. They are more expensive than Eddie Z, but their components appear to be of a higher quality and their platinum warranty, though shorter, is more comprehensive than Eddie's.


I'd take a somewhat different approach for building a trade station.

I'm less concerned with the number of horses under the hood or the number of displays. Instead, I'm most concerned with mobility.

Sometimes, it's nice to pack up the box, take it with a good book to Starbucks or Panera Bread, and trade there. Going with a decent VPS with mobility options would give me the option of not having to spend as much on my own hardware (although some of you already know what I want :-) ). Various mobility options would allow me to use a mobile device to place/monitor some trades. That way I could go to the beach and trade, or place a few trades while on a cruise.

So I'm concerned about the networking capabilities, video bandwidth, memory and storage capacities, and security.

BTW, volume pricing and factory warrantees with pre-built machines aren't always better than the terms that one could negotiate for DIY projects. I usually get better prices and warrantees, because I know what to ask for, and I know how to create win-win deals.

Here's a tip: loyalty builds relationships that one can leverage to get components at prices that others might envy, and--more important to me--loyalty has given me opportunities to get first looks and new products (sometimes months) before others.


Here is mine :)

screen shot.png screen shot.png

Awasome! It´s fantastic!


Here's my set up:

2-23" monitors
Left monitor for work,,,
Right monitor to kill time waiting for opportunity to work :)


very nice sacred - secret (?) - space/place !!


The pic I posted is actually 2 pics. I should explain, the first was a mistaken screen pic of an MT4 screen. The second is a picture of all six of my monitors.

I guess I should give details. I have six 24" monitors. Got the system from EZTrader. I typically keep five charts on each of 5 monitors (2 left, 2 right, and one middle top). I keep the main Alveo interface in front of me with all my pairs in the list and all my trades. I really enjoy it. I don't miss anything because it is hidden behind something else. It helps me quickly recognize patterns.

Best of Blessings and Happy Trading!!


I like the one with Netflix :) So I will dedicate one of my 5 screens to it..
I am using 3 different machines, one of them is dedicated to Alveo and no WiFi! All of them are connected to the router directly, no wireless keyboard/mouse either. I also like to watch currency futures along with oil and S&P futures, I use Thinkorswim for this, it helps determining which currency pairs to trade and their general direction for the day.


Nice setup execconsult
And thanks for the tips Costa.


Nice system!


Have you noticed trading many many charts at a time is more profitable than just concentrating on one chart until you have
absolute familiarity with how the market moves on that currency?


My trade station is a bit different from the ones I see posted here (e.g., 1 pc with multiple monitors). My trading station consists of 2 pcs with 2 monitors on each, so actually you might say it's 2 trading stations on 1 desk. On 1 pc I trade my personal MT4 account and on the other I pc I trade Alveo. On MT4 I maintain 8 currency pair charts, and on Alveo I maintain 7 currency pair charts. On the second monitors I usually have various FX websites open (e.g., Forex Factory, Daily FX, etc.).


Sound like you have a lot going on!


I run two monitors and frankly, that's all the information I can really handle. And I typically only look at one chart at a time (though there are 12 pairs I follow/trade). Does anyone actually find that having 4 or 6 monitors improves their trading results? To me I think it would be overwhelming. Then again, I never was the type to watch picture-in-picture on the TV but I know there are people who swear by it. So maybe absorbing vast amounts of information simultaneously is just a skill I've never developed, or maybe other people's brains are wired to process information better/faster/differently than mine. Or maybe I'm *(gasp)* just getting old... nah, that can't be it!


totally agree, to many monitors causes you to have to many charts up at once. then something moves and you quickly look over to that chart. Maybe even take a trade. But now it starts to reverse on you and you're upside down in your trade.




Cool set up. Looks like it could pilot the Enterprize.


I think it would be possible for the average person to monitor many different charts (and time periods) and use multiple trading systems if they had appropriate EA's set up to notify them of favorable trading conditions.

All of the charts could be "stacked" on one screen initially and moved off onto separate screens as possible trading situations arise. If those trading opportunities did not pan out, they would go back on the "stack." Any open trades would occupy their own screen (or perhaps half of a screen) so they are easily manipulated. (Or placed upon a separate stack if the trade status isn't likely to be changed soon)

This, of course, assumes that the trader in question has put in his study and practice over a long period of time so that the use of charts, tools, and strategies are second-nature.

execconsult's six-screen setup is awesome, but a little too much for a mere mortal to handle.

Fast track

I want to have 2 monitors


I've been heavily into computers since 1979.

I didn't start working with a second monitor until about three years ago. I couldn't believe how much easier it made everything!


Will check this out!


great link

Tigger Bee

I'm with Hak. It's nice to be mobile. I have a basic two screen desktop. Main screen is a touch control panel and second is for monitoring. My laptop drives the overhead LCD panel when docked for keeping an eye on trend direction, but contains everything to grab and go. Panera is definitely my favorite place to trade from. Pip's with a bagel and cream cheese - oh yeah!

desktop.jpg doorscreen.jpg

How funny is this - i started this thread nearly two years ago, and it's still going around today .... here's my basement rig, nestled neatly in the rocky mountains.

Mike S.


Are you using usb-c with the laptop to multi monitor? How is it wired hw/sw spec?

After realizing why colab offers clean back-end (to screw you on hw scaling, proven bc they don't allow you to download and use colab offline) I'm thinking dive into spark/pyspark/hadoop and bestbuy desktops. I should have my very own parallelization farm in no time ;p


Mike, JF is no longer trading with Apiary, you can find him on Facebook.
He is a great person.

Mike S.

Why did he leave?


He got another funded position with a different firm.


Has anybody tried a second screen for their laptop? Its supposed to fold up with the computer for easy mobility...

Mike S.

Bon voyage, Captain.


Good information. Thank you. Would like to see more people post images of their rigs to get an idea of what people use ..... (and more of a curiosity to what people look at all day... :)


Good information. Thank you. Would like to see more people post images of their rigs to get an idea of what people use ..... (and more of a curiosity to what people look at all day... :)


Man, I LOVE building custom computers... it is SO much fun that I do it whenever I can. If any of you want a custom PC, might I suggest that you watch some youtube tutorials and order the parts you need and learn a valuable new hobby! If you've never done it, then you really should try, its crazy fun. I'd suggest for the parts personally. Their customer service and return policies have won me over.