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Business or Hobby?

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Business or Hobby?

At some point you need to stop, reflect and ask the question, am I running this as a business or as a hobby.  It seems to me that Apiary is a group of friends that are just tinkering with a hobby.  It is not being run as a professional business.  We see many things added that do not help us improve our trading (emojis), and many other items that are broken that are put on the back burners.

Now, I am sure all the people working there are great people and good friends.  However, in a business you have to look past that if you want to continue to grow and improve.  If someone is not pulling there weight or just doesn't have the knowledge to fix something, then that needs to be addressed.  There is nothing wrong with not knowing something.  I would be the first to say I don't know everything.  But, I would also be willing to admit that and move aside in order to continue moving forward.  If you have someone that is just not cutting it, then maybe they need to be moved elsewhere or just let them become a full time trader, and let someone with the knowledge step in to resolve the issue.

If you are unwilling to make changes in a growing business, then you will hit a plateau that you won't be able to get past.  And that seems to be where you are now.  If there is no change, then Apiary will be stuck where it is now until it does.

And that makes this a hobby with a bunch of tinkerers and not a true business.

Tue, 04/05/2016 - 9:10am
Man of Time

I'm not sure what your trying to get at. If someone isn't pulling their weight? Help them to improve show them you care, find out what is wrong in their personal life and help encourage them where you can. Continual teaching and training is always necessary.

Alveo has come a long way great job with it's development guys!

Emojis help my trading. I run 4 systems it really helps me to see what trade is what before i close it out.

There is also nothing wrong with a good hobby in your life. One that pays money is even better! lol


I would have to agree on the emoji comment and personally find no use in them and appear childish to me. However, some people like them and somehow find use for them. As far as business or is what you make it. I make mine a business and have gotten a check in the mail 8 out of the 9 months since I got funded and a 1099,,,,hardly a hobby. If anyone puts effort in this thing we call forex, you can make a living from it. When Alveo is broken it really is no different than a salesman sitting on the side of the road in his Lexus looking at the check engine light on . At least we know someone is working on it and don't have to call a tow truck. He loses time at work , we lose time at work, we both complain, but we both are still in business! I say compare Apiary to the rest of what's out there and you won't find a better deal. We have the opportunity to make more money here than most doctors and attorneys. I am excited about what lies ahead and look forward to each new day of trading. Lets make money!


Just curious on how an emoji is helping, I really don't see it, you place an emoji before, or I should say as you are placing a trade, with really not knowing which way it will go, we all have our ideas where it will go but. I know you are a gold level, so you have a better handle on trading than me, but an emoji really. Gold level, you make many more pips and profit than I do, but still I don't get it, the excitement (not just you) over emojis. Anyway good trading to you, hoping you continue your profitable results, Congrats to you.


Wanted this to be a business, but with what I work with, Apiary is trying to make it a hobby. Sorry to say mostly because it's just another investment that after paying upfront, the company just doesn't deliver what they say. Of course any and all comments are my humble opinions. Some say miss informed opinions, I say what I get to form opinions on, is what Apiary gives me to work with. Personally I've never had the funds to throw away, and with Alveo I'm beginning to feel just that way.
All I want and the majority want is a platform that has all functionality available and working. Not something that is turning out to be down as much as up. Something where I will know if it's me making bad decisions or are my decisions influenced by, what results from how Alveo works or lack of working.


The example above from Kevin is an interesting way to use the emoji's that I would not have thought. You can always add comments to your trade as well, to note the system you are trading on that trade.

I believe the purpose of the emoji was to use them to note the emotions you are feeling when you are placing that trade. It's a good way to check your emotions when you go back and look at your trade history. It's good practice, if your emotions are playing a big part in your trading results, and you need help getting them under control. By placing the emoji on the trade, you have to be true to yourself so that you can start to realize that when you are feeling a certain way, you understand that maybe you should leave the computer and clear your head, so that you don't continually place bad trade after bad trade because your emotions are getting in the way. Just my thoughts on it.


The way I use the emoji is to group my trades between strategies, not for emotion.