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Busting Out of Silver 1!!! :)

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Busting Out of Silver 1!!! :)

This is my Last requirment to bust out of Silver 1 and head into Silver 2.  The last thing I accomplished was the 25-5-24.   25 pips, 5 trades , open for 24 hours.  Doing this, my last day I made over 900 pips!!! I just want to ask did you have anything surprising happen to when you stretched your comfort zone? This journey has taught me alot about myself. I will always be grateful!


Thu, 04/07/2016 - 8:51pm



Let's Trade!


Congrats! The 25-5-24 requirement was the last thing I had to get through too.


Wow! Those are amazing pips. Well done. That 24 hour trade was a good one while I watched a few 30,40,50 pip winners turn into losers as I had to sit on my hands for 24 hours. I haven't waited 24 hours in YEARS. It was something.

My biggest surprise was on my 3rd day in a row to be profitable. I normally trade 10-15 pip stop losses and only put 1 or 2 trades, on average, on at one time. I put two trades on overnight to wake up to a 20 pip loss. Ok, I have some time to get it positive. The next 4 closing trades put me at a loss of 90 pips and $198. I was getting whipsawed and stopped out by a couple of pips. Bad luck? Normally I would quit trading but my goal of 5 days profit in a row would be through and I would have to start over again.

I had 8 hours to trade until the day closed, I was down 2% on the account. I will either get shut down, be at a loss or be at a profit by the end of the day but I had to try going into a slower afternoon NY session. I scaled some positions down with wider stops and then came back to my norm, the market rallied that afternoon, I had the direction right on the day, and I ended up at +60 pips and +$15 profit on the day . Then I quit. Good Luck?

I did get my 5 profitable days in a row that week to complete the level.

I came to the conclusion that good luck and bad luck are a wash. They cancel themselves out.

Best training I ever had was this Beeline route, It's awesome.


congratulations Jerry!


Congrats Jerry I have never had 900 pips in a day so you should be OK for Silver 2.
I have just the 5 winning days in a row to do to complete my silver 2 and today will be my third.
You will be on that now and it seems nearly impossible at first but you will do it.
I struggled with the 50pips in a trade and 100 in a day (I cheated slightly and placed 10 trades at the same time which went to 12 pips each!!)

Good Luck


Congrats! That is awesome. Make you think about longer term tade plan


good job!


Well Done!!


Just got through to Silver II yesterday! Any one know what 3rd and 4th down conversions are? Or recovery trades?


I also struggled a lot to accomplish the 5 profitable days in a row for quite some time, but finally I made it to silver 2.
I am really looking forward for working towards the new requirements now :-)


Emmit G,

The 4th down recovery trades are 10 profitable trades in a row that don't go against you any more than 4 pips. The 3rd down recovery trades are 10 profitable trades in a row where none of them go against you any more than 3 pips. If you accomplish the 3rd down recovery trades you automatically have fulfilled the 4th down recovery trades.
The best way I found to do this is on the 5-minute chart ( I used the EUR/USD due to the small spread) wait for the price to touch the 20 period bollinger band and RSI that is greater than 70 or less than 30. In other words the pair is at an overbought/oversold level. Then wait for the trade to go in the direction away from the bands and place 10 stacked trades with a stop loss of 2.5 pips. If the trades go against you and you get stopped out then do it again at the next overbought/oversold situation. You will lose 25+ pips every time it goes against you but you shouldn't care unless you are doing the 5 days with 5 profitable trades at the same time. I recommend doing the 5 days with 5 trades separately on different days.

Be aware that if you only try for a profit of 1 pip per trade and the losing trades are 2.5 pips per trade your average wins will be less than your average losses if you get stopped out. But, I more than made up for it when I did the 5 trades in a row with a 10 pip profit.


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. I just busted out of bronze three and am have now started my journey to where you have arrived today. I had to get three consecutive 10 pip winners so after I had gotten two consecutive I openrd two trades, one long and one short then closed the first one to hit ten.God bless and happy trading.


Congratulations! I just made Silver 2 level as well- I am humbled at how long it took to have 5 profitable days in a row! Now on to the next challenges... Beeline is really making me work and try different approaches and figure out which style suits me best. Good trading fellow bees!


HELP lol. How do i complete the three under three requirement in silver I? I have two of them but having extreme difficulty getting the rest. There is not enough volatility to catch the movements for three under three.

Stuck on 3


Do any trade you want, it will green up all trade requirements in Silver Level II. I will be moving to Silver Level III on Monday.