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Calendar is not updated?

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Calendar is not updated?

The calendar is not updated and still showing last week.  Not sure if everyone is seeing this or just me?




Mon, 01/04/2016 - 9:36am

Best wishes to you for 2016, and same over here, no updated calender.

Greetings, Lia (&Simon)


It is in my end.

Screenshot (48).png

For a current look at the calendar, hit COMMUNITY, then CALENDAR. That will give the events while they update the page.


Calendar not updating also. Refreshed browser page, logged in and out of the site and closed chrome browser and re-started it, didn't help.

Chuck B

"COMMUNITY" -> "CALENDAR" will load the calendar for the entire month of January :-)

- Chuck B


Everyone stand by...the ISM Manufacturing PMI will be in 5 min.
Could send the dollar spiking all over the place.