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Can I Run Multiple Alveo Accounts?


Can I Run Multiple Alveo Accounts?

Can I put a trade on in my real account, then switch the demo to practice some other things at the same time? Will Alveo still respect my stop in the real account when it's not running in the foreground? I used to have a problem with Alveo not triggering stops, until I started running it on a vps, so I'm afraid if I'm currently using one of the demos on Alveo, it won't trigger the stops on the real account if it isn't running in the foreground.


Thu, 05/24/2018 - 1:38pm

Yes, or at least I do it all the time with no issues and I'm running on a VPS. The only issue would be if you want to have a trailing stop. Trailing stops will only work (i.e trail) in the active account.



I too have a problem with alveo not triggering stops.