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Can we show/hide indicators?

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Can we show/hide indicators?

Sometimes, the indicators are in the way and I want to just hide them. Right now, all I see is that you have to remove them. But if you remove them, then you have to add them back and re-configure all the settings. If you don't want to re-configure, then you have to Save Template before removing the indicators, and then load template to add them back. It would be much nicer to just show/hide the indicators on-demand.

Thu, 05/02/2019 - 4:17am

exactly...i know of no way to hide them.


ducqui, i must apologize, i allowed your question to limit my thought truth there is a way to do what you want to do...

- create two templates...

template 1: no indicators
template 2: with indicators

by switching between the two templates you will be able to achieve what you are wanting to achieve, and with relative ease.


Ducqui, you can also try to minimize the indicator windows by dragging the indicator borderline to reduce the indicator window size as shown in the attachment. However, if the indicator is on the price chart, then using two templates as Burton suggested is the way to go.

Adjusting indicator window size.PNG