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cannot logon to ALveo server again - "finding server"

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cannot logon to ALveo server again - "finding server"

hi, all:


 I cannot logon to Alveo server again,   status shows "finding server", it seems that ALveo cannot find quote server again.


Mon, 06/27/2016 - 5:32pm

They know and are working on it ...


becoming a habit


becoming a habit


I've been able to login after new restrictions lifted, BUT big fricken deal, trades flagged for immediate closure because of brexit 1m rule whatever the F that is. If you lift the F restrictions lift the dam restrictions. Are you IT, Apiary, really getting a kick out of this or what?????




What's that? The brexit 1m rule? Also, are our Gold accounts fully functional now or what? Don't want to start something I cannot complete.


I just tried my Gold 1 account. I could close my trade in profit, but 2 trades that were down by 3 pips and less than 1 pip closed on their own. And my stop loss was 50 pips away. So I don't understand it. I left a ticket. Hope they fix this soon.

Jason Mertz

I placed 2 trades in sim account....they are -7pips each currently...still open. Maybe it's fixed now?


What is the brexit 1m rule?


The status page has been updated with more information about the server outage today:

Thank you all for your patience, I promise that we are working very hard to stabilize these new quote servers.