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Cant Set The Limit Orders

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Cant Set The Limit Orders

Hi there...

Been trying to set Limit Buy or Sell Orders on the Breakouts, and been having a difficulty in doing that... When setting a STOP Orders have no problem but when doing a LIMIT getting the message "Invalid Price"

Is there anything im missing or just something me doing isn't right...???

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 10:29am

Remember a Sell Limit price is higher than the buy order price, and Buy Limit is lower than the Sell price!


@tomaslankutis that took me a while to figure out as well. Finally, I got it.

As @bizjango said, Sell Limit is higher. And here's how that works.

Let's say you think the price is going up, and you plan to buy.

Scenario #1: you want to be sure that it doesn't hit a resistance area and come back down. In this case, you would place a Buy Stop (above that resistance area.) I think of it like this, "As the price is going up, I want it to make a pit STOP here, which is where I plan to buy it, but not below this."

Scenario #2: you think the price has gone up enough for the time being, and so you want to allow it to retrace, that is, to fall back down to a certain level, before you buy it. In this case, you're placing a LIMIT order. In essence, "This is the LIMIT, or the MOST that I'm willing to pay. So if it comes down to this level, my limit, then go ahead and make it an active order."

Once I got that straight in my mind it became second nature.


It took a while the theory. Brian2 described it perfectly. Using limit or stop orders save me a lot of pips.


next time any of you execute a limit order successfully capture a screen shot and post it. I believe I understand the concept but the trouble seems in the execution. thx!


on your chart , were you change time frame, on right hand side there is how many candles on chart, a circle on right of that click,

a green dot buy, below orange dot sell, below is green/orange dot (buy stop/ sell stop) limit order click ( green dot or orange dot)then click on chart were you want the order. that is it.

set a limit order much higher or lower, than you want it, once on the chart, then drag to your exact spot you want it.

works for me

hope it helps

Screenshot (45).png

myfamily1988 - easiest thing is (what I do anyway) move your mouse up to the button with a $ inside a circle.

Its in the upper right hand corner of Alveo.

Click that $ button and a list of order options drops down.

The Buy/Sell (2 top buttons) place an order at market (at the current price.)

The other two buttons are the same colors, but not labeled. You know from the color whether its a buy or sell.

Notice these two buttons have little arrows pointing up/down.

Now, say you want to sell. If you sell BELOW where the market is, that is a SELL STOP.

If you sell ABOVE where the market is, that is a SELL LIMIT.

For the description of those terms look back up at my earlier post which describes it in plain english.

So anyway, you can pick with your mouse right where you want to place your order and click it. Then the dialog box will show up.

If you have setup your global variables, then you can have a standard SL/TP settings, to however many pips you want by default.

The easiest thing to do is, again, what I do anyway, I set mine for 10 pips each (SL/TP). Then I just drag them to where I want them if I don't want the 10 pips.

Of course, if you want pinpoint accuracy, you can enter them in the box. The nice thing is, if you have set in your global variables, then it will be filled in already and you can adjust it. Pretty soon you'll be able to do the math in your head and figure out where to adjust them.

After you do this about a dozen times, you won't hardly think about it any more, you'll just do it.

Hope this helps!

If you still need a screen shot let me know. Just right now I'm on a different computer so it isn't available at the moment.


Easy way I use stops or limits:
Use a stop if you're expecting a move to continue, such as put a buy stop on a breakout just above resistance for a long trade.
Use a limit order if you're expecting a reversal, such as put a sell limit at the top of a channel for a short trade.


Also keep in mind the spread. If it is after the NY Close, the spreads get very wide, so you might be setting a price that looks like it is far enough away, but it is too close and gets caught in the spread.


thanks for the comments. I've read of some others having trouble with executing the trailing stop. it's not so much of what it is and where to place but more of getting the software to do it. need it to finish this beeline level. i'll make sure i'm doing the things you mentioned...happy Friday!


whenever i try to make a limit order, it says invalid price. does the price i choose have to be a certain price to be valid?


I think the order types are also covered in the alveo or trader intro classes.
I did a google search and found a good Pic of the maine types and printed it out for reference.