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Cell phone trading...

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Cell phone trading...

Hello everyone, is the only way to trade from your cell phone is to purchase the service. Or is there a way to use there platform without the additional purchase.


Mon, 11/05/2018 - 9:06pm

Service? Which one? Be more specific and help you will find.

If you speak of VPS to run Alveo and trade mobile, there are free alternatives to try before you spend money on one; it is NOT a convenient interface for a smaller screen. Use the search field and look for "VPS" there are some good recommendations. I'd suggest using a PC or laptop for any serious trading. I do use a VPS but mostly with my laptop.

MT4 is a trading platform (software) that is available free online and can access real-time market data via many brokerages if you'd like to try that on for size. It is available for mobile devices but cannot be used on Apiary as far as I know.