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Change of Strategy

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Change of Strategy

As I have been going the different levels of Beeline and watching many Trading classes, I was mainly focussing on the quick trades on the 5M charts etc and trying to work out what my strategy actually was, following different indicators thinking I knew what I was doing lol even though I was moving up levels it wasn't sitting comfortable and my results were inconsistent. Then I came across Rex's trading class and this has really resonated with me, just looking at the charts planning the trades being long term trades and setting them up and just coming back to the computer to check trades are still sitting ok or if they are going in the opposite direction to make that decision whether to take the lost earlier depending on how the 2  & 4hr charts are looking. This has helped me in a few ways but the main positive for me is my emotions aren't be dragged thru the winger like when I was doing the short term trades. I'm not there yet but I feel a lot more in control and look forward to the new week when the market opens and I can start planning the trades for the week ahead.

Sat, 09/26/2020 - 9:27pm

I too preferred and needed to trade the longer time frames due to the dreaded day job.

However, you need to be aware that by doing this it will take longer to be funded. To get through Gold 1 & 2 you will need to place at least 300 trades.

It took me a little over two years to get funded, not that I am complaining, it was a good journey.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did


Steve, great share and an awesome example of hanging in there, thanks for sharing.

In my mindfulness studies this morning I came upon this podcast about Resilence.
I can't imagine climbing Mt Everest once let online twice as a broke college student.

Unlocking Your Resilience | Mollie Hughes | TEDxYouth@Glasgow


Thanks Steve appreciate your comment and great to know I will be looking and definitely doing some shorter trades while entering into the long trades, been in 3 months now so hopefully get to being funded before the end of the year.

Rookie thanks for sharing that awesome youtube clip great watch and very appropriate time to watch as well :-)


you're welcome


Great post! I was also trying to do the short term trading and was losing in my account. So I had to figure out how to trade on the higher time frames.

I am still trying to find the right strategy for me too. The one thing I found that I like is using renkos instead of candle sticks to watch my trades. I found that I have too much anxiety watching candles, I always get out of trades too early. I am too hoping to get funding by the end of the year.



Just a thought.

When you entered Silver II, and now in Silver III, your Statistics are more and more important than before. If you're switching strategies and techniques, your statistics will not reflect the best trades you've placed. As a result, your statistics will be compromised. This problem will be much more realized in Gold I and Gold II, where much more work will be required to repair your new developments in process.

Solution: Switch to a non-metered sim account and work out the bugs in your system. Then, your metered account will be protected.

You'll find this switch to be a big advantage in G I and G II, also.

Even now, as I'm tuning a strategy, I'll switch to a junk sim account and play away. Then, as I'm gaining confidence, I'll slowly start to apply my new development to my funded account. Then, I have momentum before I blow up my Funded account.

Just my .02 pips worth.



Thank you. Yeah, I just had a talk with my mentor a couple of weeks ago and he was telling me to do that also. I am loving all of the tips I am getting from everyone, it is helping me to get prepared to get funded.


I'm serious about this opportunity and appreciate Apiary and their clear path to funding.