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Changing MA colors in Alveo 1.5

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Changing MA colors in Alveo 1.5

Does anyone know the trick to changing the color of a moving average or any other indicator in the new Alveo 1.5 using the sliding scale?  I have tried changing the color several times and no matter what I do, it won't change.

Sun, 09/11/2016 - 9:25pm
Mike Heff

Likewise, could use some help; as the chart is a little messy to look at now!


When you are in the ALVEO plattform, right-click on the screen in the trading area and a drop-down apprears.
Select indicator or chat-object depending on what you wish to change (this in a general instruction).

I'm assuming you have the MA set up on your trading instrument. When the indicator action box opens, select the MA or other indicator you wish to modify. An Editor box will open for your indicator. Scroll down and click on the "Series Drop-down and find the color mode. Click on color and a drop down will show. Then click on the default color and a pallet will show. select the color you wish and hit

This should change the color of your MA


Thanks Marion but I was looking for instruction on changing the colors in Alveo 1.5 the Beta edition. 1.5 uses a slider to change the colors and no matter what I slide it to the EMA stays red.

Mike Heff

Thanks Marion, that did sort it out for me. Charts looks a lot clearer now.


Has anyone found a solution to this?


Figured it out.

In the settings you click the arrow in "series" and change the color from there. Hopes this helps!

George G

EDV got it right; however, you need to update Alvio first. My version (whatever it was) did not work until I hit update. I do not see anyway to see the current version of Alvio like other win10 programs.


I also failed to change the colour of the SMA and EMA.


i up dated alveo, still does not work

fred b

Thanks edvtrading. That did it for me. Alveo ver 1.5.1


Confirming ~ I spent an hour trying to figure it out, before finding this thread. Thank you for posting. :)


thanks edvtrading, it worked for me. same with pat, i spent an hour trying to figure. :-(
its been frustrated until i found this, thank you edv again.