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chart colors

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chart colors

Can any one explain to me how to set up template so that every chart I open has the same indicators with the proper colors on the lines?...thanks

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 6:36am

Well 'Kingofwood' the first suggestion I have for you is to go into the settings and set one chart up just the way you like it. Then once you have that completed save and name that chart when prompted to do so. Once you have that done then all you have to do from there is right click on a new chart you have just pulled up scroll down until you see where it says 'load templet' then click on your previously saved and personalized chart option then it will up date your chart just the way you like it. But remember it will only up date that one chart you have to do that with every chart you open. HAPPY TRADING MY FELLOW BEE!!!!!!


kingofwood I think you can also save your workspace after
you have it set up