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Chart Question

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Chart Question


Can someone tell me how to increase the number of bars on a chart after the chart is created? I know when you create a chart there is a selection for '# of bars'. Is there a way to change this on an existing chart?


Thu, 06/09/2016 - 8:10pm

Chris--I haven't found one although I haven't looked too hard---I usually just create new chart with # of bars I want and use my saved chart preferences--jim



You can't. On the current version of Alveo you can't change the number of bars once created.My understanding is that will be changed on the next version.


If you have chart set up like you want it save it as a template then delete chart and open new one with template and as many bars as you want ( up to 2500 I think )



As per Norm's note easiest way would be to create a template and do it that way. After reading your question had a look through the options in the software and found some handy features under the Alveo Setting options where you can set the default chart template.

So that would be your best bet.



Unfortunately it's not like a MT4 platform you cannot change the number of bars once the chart as been opened