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A chart setup for everyday use.

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A chart setup for everyday use.

My favorite set up for my 28 charts is simply: a. 4 moving averages
b. Stochastics indicator
c. MACD indicator

a. The moving averages are the 21, 50, 100, and 200.
They should be different colors and different line widths to be easily distinguishable.
I like the 21 white and line width 1; the 50 as yellow and line width 4; the 100 as red and line width 3; the 200 as light blue and line width 4
I like the background color as dark blue.
The moving averages shoud be simple, not exponential.
b. The Stochadtics should be (5, 2, 3).
c. The MACD should be (5, 20, 25).

I like to keep the charts clean and simple...not cluttered.
With the above as a backdrop, the drawing tools, fibs, and support/resistance can be easily introduced and removed.

On MT4 the 28 charts can all be set up on one page, arranged as 28 small windows for easy access.

Dean Steeves.

Sat, 01/27/2018 - 2:26am



Whether 4 SMAs are required? I am using one HMA, BB and MACD with default values. If I do trading on 5 or 15 min. charts, I get more wins i.e more than 60%. I would love to use your set up and try. If I get more wins than my current state, I will be happy. Let me try it out next for more than 50 trades and see the results. Thanks for the chart set up.


I have a very similar setup but without the MACD, in it's place I use ATR (4) to let me know the average range. I chose 4 because that how many hours it takes before London opens and I calculate my buy stop and sell stop position based on that average pip movement.


Each and every one of us reads the charts differently. I use BB and Pivot Points and if scalping I use RSI standard too.

You are the best trader at your strategy!!!