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Closed because of daily risk rule

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Closed because of daily risk rule

Hi Guys,

I took a short tonight, 0.03 lots, 25 pips SL, on GBPAUD at 10:36 platform time.

This position was closed imeddiately and the reason given was `Closed because of daily risk rule`

Of course market fell by 33+ pips (I was aiming at 10-15).

What happened ? I never reached 2% loss per trade nor 5% loss per day.

Was it a glitch ?

What I find even weirder, is that you're allowed to take the trade and then it closes automatically (as a loss of course) and you're told you shouldn't have traded that ...

Why not prevent the trade if you know it's wrong ? No loss for no one !

Thanks for having a look !


Sun, 04/26/2020 - 7:33pm

The same happened to me trading Eur/Usd. At first, I thought I went too large in lot size, by error of course. However, even lowering the lot size, the same Risk Rule came up. And, yes, now I have three losses in a row. So, when and how will I know this is fixed?

UPDATE: A separate thread tilted, "trades closing" are experiencing the same malady.


Just happened to me.

Jenny K

theres 2 other threads going with this happening, trades closing automatically. mine isnt even giving a reason just closing


Yup. Same here. And each trade charged me the commission. AF's got this. I'll sit it out.

Norma Jenner

Yup. same here


Me Too


Same here

Plus it's the start of Monday GMT time, and still risk rule applied and took the trade for a small loss..


Same here. I switched to my old simulated account and got the same thing. I attempted a .01 lot and went down to a 1 pip take profit and a 1 pip stop loss. Still did it.


same here this is crazy


it is not even taking the trades is it a glitch or alveo software is a strange behavior or we got hacked

Jenny K

Apiary support is working on it, the system status has been updated with the issue so fingers crossed it is resolved quickly :)


My positions were opened on April 04. Today, Sunday, April 26. I opened the platform at 19:00 and my positions were closed automatically assuming a 1% risk.
The market is at the same level or range than it was closed on the last Friday. My risk was about 0.6%-0.8%.

The system shows The Pips Today lost of 1000 pips = Positions were closed at 1 % risk

and the Apiary platform shows at the left bottom side

"Orders closed prematurely"
"Investigating - We are currently investigating this issue "

Apiary system closed positions on 04-26-2020.jpg

That's why you never hold over the weekend.


My orders are working again, at the moment.

Jenny K

Yup looks like we are back up :)


yes, looks to be working great.


Thanks for informing me. I shall try trading now.

BC Rider

Alveo has some glitches.... for sure. I can't tell you how many times Alveo has not honored my "Take Profit" settings or "Stop Losses." Mine stopped out before it hit 5%. Glad there isn't any real money on the line. I'm thinking of opening up a secondary account somewhere just to compare Apiary's technical ability verses other companies.


I had 8 Limit orders waiting to be triggered. Intsead they were closed because of "Daily risk rule". This makes no sense because I had 2 Positions running with 80 pips of profit which were closed as well because of the "daily risk rule" !?

Then emailed the support if they can explain and fix this...

Still Waiting for an answer.

Anyone knows if Apiary technicians are able to get my Orders the way they were set up back on again?
Or is it to much to ask...


@gapfiller. When I've had similar situations happened to me, the support team have been able to fix the situation in a way that my statistics didn't take the hit from the software error. If you already sent the email and haven't had a response yet; I would suggest to email again and try calling to follow up


me as well.