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Combining multiple time frames to confirm a trend

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Combining multiple time frames to confirm a trend

As I work to rack up pips and extend my trading journey through the Apiary, I have added and subtracted different indicators. This is currently where I am;

Trade Plan:
I will trade any major currency that has been identified to be in a major trend in the H4 or D chart as indicated by the MACD changing from positive to negative within those graphs. I have set up a third party scanner to identify those trends. I then confirm the trend in a H1 chart and identify a price range to trade within. I then drop down to a M5 chart and again make sure it is still trending in the same direction. My M5 chart uses the Ichimoku Cloud a MACD indicator and Slo Stochastic indicator. If the trend on the M5 is confirmed, I enter a trade if the price action on the M5 chart above or below the cloud in the direction of the trend and the price breaks above or below the Kinjun-sen in the same direction as the trend. I close the trade when the price closes below or above the Kinjun -sen in the opposite direction of the trend on the M5 chart.

Tue, 07/02/2019 - 2:40pm

I have been using multiple time frames with the same strategy here lately, and it has worked really well for me. Its nice when you get into a trade on M30 time frame, make profit, get into another trade on H1, make profit, and then get into another trade on D1, and make profit. When this happens I call it "Hitting for the Cycle". Here lately I have been getting in on the M30 and then on the H1 but I will still take profit on both of those on the same currency pair.

I find your strategy of" Hitting for the Cycle" most effective. I use M15 with H1 and H4 . I made full 90% profit yesterday on gold. hours later I gambled 100 pips on an experiment since I am not yet dealing with real money. I am in Gold two.