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Brian Unknown



I was scalping GOLD and EUR/JPY a lot over 2 days and made about 400 pips.
When I looked at my stats and equity I discovered that my equity was $30 @ .01 which was a big difference.
Alveo uses a spread + commission model it seems.

Are the commissions posted anywhere?

Wed, 08/21/2019 - 10:33am
Brian Unknown

Looks like EUR/USD is spread + 0.4 for total costs


Hi Brian Unknown

The spread isn't the cost/comission. It's the number of points between the Bid and Ask.
So a 0.4 spread as displayed on Alveo isn't $0.40 it's $0.00004, and that's the difference between the Bid and Ask.

Roundtrip commission is $0.04 per micro lot so:
.01 lot = .04
.03 lot = .12
.1 lot = .40
1 lot = 4.00

The commissions are listed for each individual trade on the Orders and Orders History tabs. They are under the "Trade C." column.

Happy Trading

Brian Unknown

Yes I just saw that the commissions are listed as Trade C. thanks

So Gold is $10 per lot to trade which is higher than most other pairs I've looked at.
Probably not use that one to scalp, better for swing.