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The Complete Currency Trader

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The Complete Currency Trader

Bad review of The Complete Currency Trader - it is alleged that the two principals of The Complete Currency Trader do not trade forex, and thus are not hedge fund managers, as they say that they are. Possible scam/fraud! I refuse to use their currency strength indicator as I cannot trust them and strength indicators can be found elsewhere. Get the details at the link below:


Mon, 06/12/2017 - 4:39pm

Interesting article. I was introduced to The Complete Current Trader System many years ago via the internet. At that time they were introducing their first product. The Complete Currency Trader was just the chart with the lines for each currency. I down-loaded it and have been using it ever since. I have it on an old FXDD account that still works. But I have not been able to load it onto other more current MT4 charts. The one on the website seems to work similar to the old version I have. But it does work well to show directions of currencies. They may be a scam, but their chart seems to work. Try it.


I use the tools on CCT and it has been very useful to me


I prefer the Currency Strength Indicator tool found on: Winner's Edge Trading site.

You can see it here:


I also came across the Complete Currency Trader or the Currency Strength Indicator and many others. There is an ocean of these resources out there but up until now, I couldn't bring myself into taking that step as I did with Apiary fund.


What kind of results are you getting with the Winner's Edge Currency Strength Indicator. What would you recommend to someone who is new to trading?


MD, its more of an aid rather than a system, it will identify which currencies are strong or weak in different timeframes and then its up to you to decide how to trade it, for example if EUR is the weakest and USD is the strongest then if you were using the Fast Track strategy or any other strategy you would only look for sell opportunities


I have been using the Complete Currency Trader's Currency Strength Indicator as a guide to identify those currencies that are trending opposite each other. I then go to Alevo to perform my analysis on those pairsusing my specific criteria. These are MACD(12.26,9), Stochastic(10,6,6), Bollinger Band(10,2) Simple Moving Average(50) and Hull Moving Average(55); usually on a 15M chart.


RE: Complete Currency Trader, in London, UK


I purchased the short six day course and found it useful. Then, I was "Up Sold" to the monthly Core Values and
Market Analysis software, but that is where I ended my relationship with CCT.
1. Could not get the software to load and functional properly, thus I turned them over to my bank, as a Fraud
internet merchant, and got my money back ($199.00/month).
2. Tryed to communicate with their Support Services, no responses for three weeks! Then, got two email
from him saying they did not want to do business with myself! OK.
3. Tryed to call them at the telephone numbers listed, on their web site, both do not allow incoming calls! ????
4. Tryed to send a Fedex package, outlining my concerns with their product and services. Try three
different locations in London, package could not be delivered!! Returned to sender!

I would not pay CCT one penny more.

I will continue to use for free!!!

Just my experience with CCT, London UK

My Regards to all Apiary Fund Traders


Sorry to hear that.


I recently order the Core Values indicator bundle, before I thought to look here for any reviews. It has been 3 days and I have not received the software as of yet. I emailed support and got back an autoresponder. I am also waiting to hear back from them. I will keep you posted. @c517, how long did it take for you to receive your product(s)?



I am using the CCT since a couple of years and think it works well. But you should use it alone but together with another strategy. You can see which currencies are strong and week and act after that. If other strategies point in the same direction you can take a trade and mostly it is right. As other strategy I use Supply and Demand (it's about the same as Resistance and Support).



Did any of you purchased his new Analysis Software & Core Volumes Bundle?


Trust nobody but the Creator and the abilities that are placed within you. Y'all need tools to trade but there are too many folks pandering to the trading masses, convincingly lying that they trade successfully, whereby all they are good for is selling you services. I'll bet their stats are not as great as their fees portray.


Any feedback on their now tools called “Core Volumes Bundle”?


I just came across this thread and thought I'd share some info from a BKForex organized webinar this past weekend. There were some very reputable speakers all given about an hour to share, instruct, and pitch but it was Raghee that shred this website with the audience:

It gives a 10 day relative performance of 8 pairs (majors), and I can use this as added support of my analysis.


I am glad to become a GOLD III funded trader.
This is not easy,
I tried and stuggle for more than one year to come from scratch to G III,
Its like a degree.. of trading study,
Sometimes I got fed-up, but I did not give up and I tried hard,
Now I am happy as I have got good results for my hard work,
Now I am thinking of getting out of my regular job,
And be an independent trader who could earn money at his own pace,
My final ambition is to make atleast one million dollars,
The advice I can tell to new traders is "Do not give up although you may fail many times",

Thank you APIARY & Team, Thank you Shawn, you are a great master and without you we will not be here...

Thank you friends & Good Luck,



@shanthajayasiri, congrats on your excellent accomplishment.


I use CCT Dashboard and the CoreVolumes Indicator. Depending on which broker you use with MT4 and if you use a VPN this can cause a problem with compatibility of CCT CoreVolumes indicator. Installation is easy but you do need to follow instructions. the customer support is responsive and I don't believe CCT is a fraud in anyway. My experience has had excellent communication with support team and the tools are very good when used properly.

I find that the software is a "tool" and not a system. ultimately I believe you need to use a set of indicators in concert with tools and or news to get a complete picture of trading. even after that you then need to follow rules like a structured algorithm in order to properly evaluate success for failure and make the appropriate adjustment..

IF your looking for a "silver bullet" then you need to start with the Market Makers desk and ask them which Stop Loss orders the are hunting for with the price action they are in control of. Then you will know how to trade the move they are in complete control of. If you are interested see the attached chart that shows you the "dumb money" Stop Loss clusters and the price action that then followed to take them out. Then notice the CoreVolumes Indicator revealing the price action direction bias before the move to the stop loss orders. CoreVolumes is an indicator as a tool. To gain a better picture of whats going on in FOREX you need more than just one tool to put it all together.

Best regards,

Ben.......... Thought of the day: "Tomorrow hopes we all learned something from yesterday".....

Stop Loss Clusters and the use of CoreVolumes indicator to show Market Maker Bias