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Completing Level 3 Bronze


Completing Level 3 Bronze

I am currently one item away from completing Bronze Level 3. That requirement is to place 3 trades in a row each with at least a 10 pip gain.  The strategy that I am currenly focused on is a scalping strategy that consistently produces small, 4-6 pip gains and an occassionaly 10 pip or greater profit; 3 10 pip gains in a row is not likely.  Can any of my fellow Apiarians (is there such a word?) recommend/outline a strategy that, if followed, has a decent chance of producing the required 3 in a row, 10 pip gains? Any time frame is acceptable - it doesn't have to be a short term startegy like the one I am currently trying to "polish"

Thanks and best regards; good luck with reaching your trading goals


Sat, 08/31/2019 - 8:02am

Each cook has its own recipe. I am not a scalper but I would recommend to get into the market on retracements during a trend.
e.g. if the market is trending down I would sell on a when the market reverses up to a specific point. This point depends on the indicators you are using...


If you're really comfortable with your system, feel confident with it, and really want to stick to it, polishing it along the way, then just use your same system on a higher timeframe. Depending on how much you usually risk, adjust appropriately. The trade will take a little longer, but there's more pips available for your achievement. This will probably be the easiest way for you.

If you have a strategy to jump into strong trend, that could work too! I use a strategy to jump into a strong trend at retracements called "The Trendy Kangaroo" from the 'Naked Forex' book. It's a good book.

Hope that helps!