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Completing Silver 1

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Completing Silver 1

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a great day!  I am posting this to complete my last task for Silver 1.  

Today I closed a few trades on the EURUSD spike for a total of 300 pips in my Silver 1 account 

and over 70 in my own personal accounts outside of Apiary.  I am truely loving being a part of Apriay

and can not wait to get through all the levels and become funded.  I know Silver 2 is going to be a bit

of a chalenge for me as I do need to work on getting better enteries.  Not allowing any trade to go

more than 20 pips opposite my trade entry during the entire silver 2 level will be a major chalenge for


Although, I have been doing rather well with my new system and waiting for the next candle after 7 period CCI under -200 (for a long setup) or over +200 (for a short setup) and

5 period RSI under 30 or over 70 on 15 minute chart and if there is little movement i.e. CCI stays under -100 or over 100 and

RSI stays under 30 or over 70 I then enter on the one minute chart once CCI at least touches -100 (for a long) or +100 (for a short) and RSI at lest touches 30 or 70.

Still perfecting my system but I will say I am getting much better every day.

I wish every one the best with there trading and progress through the Beeline!!


Wed, 04/12/2017 - 5:42pm

Well done Jeff,

Just finished silver 1 myself,and silver 2 looks fun, and the 20 pip max drawdown must be one of the most simple ones in there.

Good luck,



Glad you guys have been making progress.

Happy trading

Pip gatherer-PG

Good luck

Pip gatherer-PG

Good morning everybody ,I am glad I am on silver 2 now

Valuable lesson learned trying to accomplish was , value of patience and not be impulsive. It has moved from the camp of scalping to long term trading .

Module 25-5-24, was a challenge but taught these lessons. I earned on this module in one trade more than 200 pips and in another one more than 150 pips, which I thought was impossible.

I use Barchart to select my trades and for news.

Thanks Apiaryfund for giving this opportunity and good luck to everybody

Navdeep Singh

That's Great Jeff, all the best for Silver II. very nice way of practical traning by Apiary. Hope for the best. Kind regards, Navdeep Singh


congrats on silver 2 , I just got there myself. Looking forward to the home stretch.


congrats on silver 3 and good luck.


congrats on gold 1!


Thanks everyone for your encouragement. It is hard to believe that it has been almost two months since I joined Apiary. Time sure has flown by. I have enjoyed every minute so far and going through the Bee-line helped me work through some big sticking points for me. Especially, risk management. I have being trading Forex for a little over two years now, and I always heard and thought I really understood risk management. However, by joining Apiary and going through the Bee-line I can truly say the 2% risk per trade, not having any trade during Silver II go over 20 pips against you, and many of the other goals have really opened my eyes to why I had been unsuccessful until now. Mainly I would trade different sizes and risk reward ratios depending on how good I felt the trade was. Now I understand that I should always risk the same amount or less on every trade until I have built up the account to the point I feel I need to adjust my risk amount up (same percentage of original account size) and of course increase the reward amount. For every winning trade I close I should at least earn the same amount or more than my largest loss. Thus never take smaller wins than what you risk on your average trade or it will catch up with you and kill your averages and easily drain your account. I wish everyone the best of luck and many pips.

Hey, Jeff – congrats on reaching Gold!

Like you, I raced through the first levels, but was stuck on Silver 1 for TENNNNNNN LOOOONNNNNG WEEEEKS!!!

Unfortunately, I had a misunderstanding: I thought they tracked ALL of your trading accounts, and not just the Silver account, so when I got straightened out, I was able to finish the Five Profitable Days task in five days!

See ya up there with the big dogs!



I am so close to being funded, but i keep finding holes in my strategy, i keep tweaking but i don't know, things aren't progressing the way i thought they would despite being at silver 3. I hope to reach gold and i am happy for you Jeff, keep it up!


Hey, Jeff – congrats on reaching Gold!


Fantastic- keep I up




Nice Trading System!


Thank you for the updates


Hey Jeffspicer
congratulation on your Sliver I - I know it was a tough haul. I am at the tail end of Sliver I just needing to complete the 3,3,3,. This requirement doesn't really make any sense, I doubt that many traders actually trade that way. Anyway See you in Sliver II