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Compression Breakout Strategy (CBO)


Compression Breakout Strategy (CBO)

Compression breakout strategy (CBO) - Watch for extended, defined compression range to develop in a favorable price area related to prior to prior trending moves or key price levels off the larger chart. Draw box around it, and place stop entries above and below the range, far enough to let a small 2 tick headfake play out without being entered. Set stop losses on either side respectively of the box. Be ready to move SL's up quickly if scalping to guard against a stop run shakeout, and don't be afraid to take a small profit or breakeven if price swoops back, but be willing to enter again if it redevelops after the first headfake and shakeout to get rid of the weaker hands before the run occurs. Also, consider 2 positions, taking one out at 3 pips and pulling up the second stop loss to breakeven and let her run.

Thu, 06/21/2018 - 3:49pm

congats on silver III

Keep up the good work

thanks for sharing


I also would congratulate you on Silver 3. Hopefully this post will put me in Sil 3 as well. I like the breakout trades, but you have to be quick. I am really learning the hard way that paying close attention to the Daily & lower time frames as regards to support & resistance. They really do influence the price action and it takes a fair amount of pressure to go thru those zones.