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Computer setups

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Computer setups

Is this where I can get help for my platform set up and helpful tips on trading

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 4:17pm

This particular topic is for looking for tips on how you setup your platform. Desktop/ Laptop / VPS pluses, minuses. Configurations....

First item is Alveo only works on Windows. So either you have a Windows machine, use VPS or have a Mac or Linux and run Windows via a VM or "Wine"....

There are many different configurations on your monitor screens and how you 'see' your entries.


what is the best way to have 1 main 42 in monitor then 4 20 some inch monitors on a stand which will allow me to to put different pairs on each one so i can watch multiple main currencies at once? thx


Once Alveo is open on your screen you can use their setup or have your charts pop out of the screen and move them around how you want. Some limitations will occur if you want to do more than simply watch the markets move.


Are we able to set up our Alveo software trading platform to show local time on the charts?