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Computer Speed

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Computer Speed

     What are the minimum download and upload speeds required for our Computer for the smooth functioning of Alveo Platform.  Apiary Server fails to respond when I put multiple trades.

Sun, 12/04/2016 - 12:51am

I'm running a Toshiba Satellite notebook with 8 GB RAM, i7-Processor 64bit OS, and up until last week it has run smoothly. This week ALVEO has been very erratic for me with delayed responses to trade entry, exits. I don't know whether it's my system or ALVEO. Up until your comments I haven't seen anything on problems with ALVEO. I'm hard wired to the internet with a 1 GB/sec link and all other system requests are normal


Hi, if you have not changed your computer specs, the Alveo erratic behavior you have seen should due to Alveo server load or your Internet link(quite unlikely since you have a fast link). I have traded with 760kbps link recently, have consistently encountered drop connection with Alveo server mainly due to saturated link as my kids are also using the same link :(


I'm currently using a Dell Inspiron 14-3452 with Windows 10 Home addition/version 1511 with a 1.60 GHz processor, 2 GB installed Ram. All of this is foreign to me. Reading these comments makes me wonder when I'm executing a trade is the lag time causing me to miss something in my Tech Analysis.


Has anyone tried to use the VPS services from Apiary?



slower speeds shouldn't interfere with technical analysis .

only does, when executing a trade, manually quick in or out of a position.

like in scalping strategies.

and if it is working fine for you? then no worries.

if it does? then an up grade at some point will do it for you.

tablets like the one mentioned above will work just fine.

but all in due time.

it isn't much but hope it helps.


Really having problems with Alveo, slow as molasses today, delaying trade entries and

Any ideas on how to configure Alveo for faster execution, please share.



If you have access to ATT uverse, you should get this. This is a FIBRE OPTICS system, and is the fastest in the world for business or home connections. Also, if you have room for more RAM, i would max out your cpu. Good Luck!



Er gsramamoorthy,
Your pc seems fine for this.
Im operating on a much lower spec and creaking if I open too many charts.
I dream of your spec.